Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Taking A Short Break


Stop the World!  I want to get off it for a little while.

I know I am often sensitive to the feelings of those around me, and it pains me to see so much despair and frustration in the eyes of the people I meet.  Nobody smiles anymore – what is the point when you can’t see it behind the mask!

Christmas Silly Season has taken off in full force, with crazy drivers on the road and frantic shoppers in the malls.

The TV News is brimming over with anger and hatred and overly-sincere people trying to put their own opinions forward.  And let’s not mention all the lies and political intrigues that also fill our screens.

Things can grind you down, but what has really tipped me over is my brother’s serious illness (thankfully he is slowly improving).  It makes one realize just how short life is.

Hiding from life for a short time

I am finding myself becoming more and more crabby and impatient, as well as developing some alarming health issues I would rather be without.

Time to do something!  But what?

It is hard to know exactly what to do for the best, but I do feel in need of taking some time for myself; to pull back from the world for a little while and concentrate more on doing things that I enjoy.

No more watching TV News, try and avoid crowds as much as possible, stand back and let those around me make their own decisions, and consciously turn away from things that currently upset me.

Blogging will also join this list of on-holds for a short time - I have been struggling to visit Blogland the last couple of weeks and the thought of writing something fills me with despair (a situation I don't like, as I generally enjoy blogging).

Life can be a bit of a rocky road sometimes

I need to take some time to better care for my health, to catch up on chores around the house, and sort through the last few boxes that were stored in the garage.

I want to go to the beach and paddle in the ocean, take time to hug a tree or two, and find some people to visit so we can enjoy some smiles and laughter together.

I need time to relax, and reconnect again with my inner core of peace and harmony – and when I have done that, I shall return 😊

Sending lots of luvnhugz to you all,

Margaret xx


P.S.  The new header is a photo I took of Lake Hawea, near Queenstown in the South Island.



  1. I hope you enjoy your break and come back refreshed.

  2. Love the new header. Come back soon, fully refreshed.

  3. I'm sad to hear about your health issue. I hope that you manage to get them sorted.

    As for all the other things I hope you manage to find that perfect combination of peace and positivity that you need to see you through the coming weeks and months.

    I look forward to seeing a renewed you when you feel like it.

  4. I hope the time away achieves your goals and we will look forward to welcoming you back. The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is stop watching TV. Totally.

  5. I hope you can find the joy in life again. I do know the feeling and though I just came off a long blog break, I am to.the point of taking one again.

  6. The new header is a beauty.

    I hope when you come back to blogland, you will feel refreshed and revitalized. Take care of yourself, Margaret.

  7. Keeping away from the news is the first big thing to do. Then you can relax a little and enjoy life.
    Keep calm, read a good book and look after yourself!

  8. We get you so completely. I read somewhere about the stages of grief and there seems to be a similar sort of progression in psychological stages of adjusting to the effects that COVID is having on the world. Kiwis might have been spared the pain in the early stages but all that seems to have done is delayed the start of the process and all the adjustments it demands of us as a society. There's no denying it's making people crabby, and crabbiness feeds on crabbiness. Misery loves miserable company. We hope you find a happy place, peace, cheer, gentleness, and that you have a warm and protective family Christmas. F and Mr T

  9. From time to time a black cloud hangs over me ( often brought on by endless days and weeks of rain). That's when I have to quite watching the news and concentrate on doing my own thing. I hope you find a way to refresh your body and your soul. (((hugs)))

  10. Hope you recover soon, take good care of you! :)

  11. I'm sorry to hear that your health is poorly and also that you're fighting with all this frustration and despair. Get the rest you need and know that, I will be praying for you.

  12. I hope you find your inner peace again. You are right, blogging should be fun - but also can be an outlet for worries and getting help in kind words.
    The cat sure is a good symbol, hope you can paddle a bit in the ocean and your worries will just swim away. Hugs from here and get well soon. xx

  13. I'm sending you warm thoughts. Sometimes life becomes overwhelming. Then it's good to take the time to sort out thoughts trying to find peace again. Take care

  14. Wishing you well. I agree disconnecting is a good idea. Get out there and enjoy nature. B x

  15. Oh Margaret, I can really sympathize and relate to all you've said. I seriously started to end my blog after not posting for two weeks but then sat down and put together another post. I am to the point of boring myself. It's so easy to feel depressed lately, like there is no end to the problems. I love my blogging friends, but hate going in stores like Walmart and grocery stores because people have changed so much. Anyhow, take care of yourself. You have a great blog and you are such a nice person.

  16. Your new header is beautiful. It has the peace and serenity I think you are looking for. I do hope you find it. I know exactly what you mean, a lot of it describes how I've been feeling. I've given up watching TV and trying to keep up with covid changes and hoping for the impossible. Take good care, Margaret and enjoy the break. I hope you and yours enjoy a blessed Christmas.

  17. What sensible decisions you have made. I hope you feel better soon.

  18. La fotografía es preciosa y un lugar maravilloso para relajarse. Espero que todo vaya bien. Un beso.

  19. Retreat from The World. Your body is telling you to do so.


  20. oh I hear you! I really do. I've even been trying to wean myself off social media lately, it's all such a negative place just like the news always is. Think I've got 3 books on the go at the moment that I'd rather get into.

  21. Sometimes we do need to withdraw, Margaret. Am feeling a little bit similar, due to the onslaught of negativity. Yes, family is a priority, and best wishes for you and your brother :) xxxxx


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