Sunday, 7 November 2021

Thunder, Cats, and Lots of Rugby


It has been rather a lazy weekend, but I did get some parsley planted and some of my pots weeded.

Last evening, we had a thunderstorm bearing down on us, but at the last moment it veered away – we heard lots of thunder, saw several lightning flashes, but never had any rain.

Threatening thunder clouds

The cats were not disturbed by the storm, nor have they been worried by all the fireworks going off each evening.  I think they are getting older and it is all a bit of a “ho-hum-here-we-go-again” for them.

Millie and Mittens

This morning we were up early to watch Wales play rugby against South Africa.  It was such a good game, and I felt sorry for Wales when a spectator raced onto the field and prevented them from scoring.

Final Score: South Africa 23 and Wales 18

Soon afterwards, we watched a replay of the All Blacks against Italy.  That was not so inspiring, but we still managed to win convincingly. 

It was the referee I felt sorry for this time, when he was hit in the face with the ball during play.  It must have hurt, but he continued on doing his job.

Final Score: New Zealand 47 and Italy 9

Then, this afternoon, it was time for another replay.  This time France playing Argentina in Paris. 

This was a really intense game, with both sides evenly matched.  The game was fast, and a bit frenetic at times – a couple of yellow cards were issued when all the testosterone on the field got a bit out of hand!

Final Score: France 29 and Argentina 20

Today was a great day if you are a rugby fan!

Tomorrow I will have to knuckle under again and get back to doing some housework and cooking 😊

Cheers, Margaret.



  1. Rugby-fest. That thunder-sky looks spectacular; a great photo. Mr T is rather too fond of fireworks and come Guy Fawks we used to keep him shut indoors to stop him wandering off towards firework displays.

  2. I cannot even imagine sitting in front of the TV all that time and especially watching three games one after the other. i am a fan of neither TV nor sports, as you might discern!

  3. What a lot of rugby. I would love to see just one of those matches.

  4. I am glad you had fun watching rugby...I would have loved to be there to enjoy the sky. It is wonderful.

  5. Ahhhhh yes! Isn't it lovely to see a whole lot of testosterone!!!!!!?????!!!!!!

    Because the *WOKE* folks, get their panties-in-a-twist, seeing it displayed!!!!! >,-)))))

    I say, Long Live Testosterone!!!

    'Cause humans ARE Men and Women, no matter how the *Woke/Snowflakes* deny it! And become *upset,* when it is pointed out. LOLLLLLLLLLL

    Your rugby is like our football. A whole lot of controlled mayhem, on the field.

    And my husband says it's good for young boys, who, in HS, are having hormones raging... It's good to get a lot of it out, by pushing and shoving against other boys, of their age. He played, and so did our sons, and I LOVED every minute of it.

    Oh mercy!!! If a *Woke Snowflake* happens to read this, they will really be "over come by the vapors." LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

  6. Soooo glad your cats no long are upset by fireworks.

    Mmmmmm, if they are older, could their hearing be less???? (Like me, who is older, and my hearing is a lot less!!!!!) -grin-

    ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

  7. I'm not really much of a sports fan. I used to watch the last half hour or so of any game my sons were watching just so I could make a halfway intelligent remark about it if the topic came up :)

  8. I am a huge rugby fan but we don't have sky, usually the games are screened on youtube the next day so I watch them then.

  9. Wish I liked sports more. NZ is big in the rugby world for sure.

    Great photo of that sky!

  10. You really are a dedicated rugby fan, Margaret! I really don't enjoy watching rugby on TV, if it's not live right there in front of me, I tend to lose concentration. Great storm shot! There were very few fireworks around here this year, the cats didn't even seem to notice.

  11. We had lots of noise and only one heavy shower on Saturday - rumbles again Sunday and this evening, but no real rain....
    My boy/cat wasn't upset with the thunder, but does stay closer than usual during the fireworks.
    Stay safe


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