Friday, 19 November 2021

Howling At The Moon


This week seems to have gone by awfully fast.  Perhaps I have been busy but I am hard pushed to say what at.  Just lots of little things that seem to add up to a lot of time.

And for some reason they have left me feeling a bit worn out.  Even so, I did manage earlier today to make a couple of jars of Mustard Relish (similar to Piccalilli) for the store cupboard (and a large jar for eating now!).

Mustard Relish

Tonight, there is a partial eclipse of the full moon – with a 97% shadow coverage, it will be a “blood micromoon.”

A supermoon occurs when the moon is close to earth (perigee), and a micromoon happens when it is furtherest away (apogee).  The red (blood) shading is expected to reach its peak here around 10pm.

I thought about going outside during the eclipse and howling at the moon – some primeval instinct at work, maybe? 

Mittens' opinion of me howling at the moon

It was certainly a crazy thought, so I looked it up – howling at the moon signifies wasting your time and energy trying to do something which is impossible or trying to get something which you cannot have.

I don’t really think either of those apply to me, so maybe I will give up on the howling idea.  Besides, the neighbours probably wouldn’t like it!

Margaret 😊


  1. Mittens is the very cutest, oh, and come on, why not howling, let your inner child... ummm.... wolf out!

  2. Oh howl away. The 'significance' is only one person's opinion or research... Would they say the same about Julie Andrews dancing around in the mountains singing 'the hills are alive' at the top of her lungs? One cat's moon might be another's mountain. Mittens looks very knowing in that photo. It's charming. xxx Mr T and F

  3. What the hell, go out and howl anyway. The neighbours need something to talk about. Be sure to don your witch costume before venturing outside!

  4. There was a full eclipse here last night but cloud cover ruined the viewing.

  5. I wish we could see the moon. It's overcast and rather cold at the moment.
    Mustard relish sounds good to me. I've been watching relish recipes on YouTube. Off to look at this one now

  6. :) No howling here either but our neighbors are farther away that yours!

  7. Oh, you have got me laughing with your comment that the neighbors might not like might be surorised... some might come and join in.

  8. Oh why not just might shake things up in the neighborhood! Mary

  9. I love the picture of Mittens with her cautiously peering out to see if you were in a howling mood!!
    I saw the moon but not the eclipse...too lazy to get out of bed in the middle of the night.

  10. I like the idea but my decision would be the same as yours.

  11. What a wonderful fun Post Margaret - I was up and popped outside a few times to see the progress of the eclipse. It was quite spectacular :) I haven't tried howling at the moon - I think the local dogs make enough noise without me joining in - or stirring them up!
    Stay safe


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