Monday, 15 November 2021

A New Goggle Box


Years ago, we used to call our television The Goggle Box – presumably because people sat in front and “goggled” at it!

My over-ten-years-old Goggle Box television decided to curl up its toes in the weekend and stopped providing sound on a consistent basis, so this morning Son and I visited a local store and purchased a new one.

Times have changed since I last bought a television! 

DVDs have become obsolete (but I did manage to find an adaptor so I can still use my DVD player), and screen sizes have grown to absolutely ginormous (I was looking for one with a 32 inch screen, but they are apparently too small for most buyers).

Watching Covid News on my new television

We finally found one that met my requirements and I have spent the rest of the day “playing” with it!

Goggle Boxes have become Google Boxes!! 

It is a Smart TV and I’m thrilled I can now log into Netflix and Disney and On Demand and all sorts of other things I have yet to explore.  Everything is based on an Android platform and Google apps.  I am loving it!

Son and I watched more Weekend Rugby, on his big screen TV

The government held their normal Monday Covid News Conference at 4pm, and Waikato is to revert to Level Two tomorrow night.

Yay!!  That means hairdressers and movie theatres and cafes will all be open again, albeit with number restrictions, but still open.

I was a bit peeved though when our Prime Minister was asked about Waikato’s border, which the police have  been randomly enforcing, and she announced that the Waikato had “never had a hard border” as “it was only recommended.”  

Boy, I wish they had told us that before!!

This honeysuckle hedge was beside where I parked when out shopping.
The scent was so heady.  Delicious!

Now, I wonder what TV programmes I can watch tonight! 😊



  1. It’s so excited when we can go out again.
    I spent the whole day out today. We have been out of hard lockdown for a few weeks but I wanted to avoid the crowds
    Didn’t really happen lol
    Smart TVs are so much fun. You will never miss a show again

  2. Sorry for your TV, but, wee. Nice to read the word "obsolete" on your blog, too. My Brother states I talk "too complicated".
    We don´t! :-)
    He just can not "evaluate" things!

    My TV is 20*11 cm btw. On my right monitor.

    Rugby I only know from Australia, and I have no idea about the rules...

    Covid runs weird here, no idea how.

    Have fun with your new toy there 😊

  3. How exciting Margaret. We rely on our sons for their hand me down tV’s; never have to spend a penny lol. Lovely to have all those apps and choice now. Glad your restrictions are easing. B x

  4. Televisions today are like mini movie theatre screens. I don't know what we will do when our unit dies. We want, nor do we have anywhere to install a giant screen. For the little we watch it may be time to do without it.

  5. Ohhhh dear! I know nothing about all that "smart stuff."

    And I think we need a bigger tv, because my husband's eyesight is not good.

    But how will we ever work it, if it is sooooooooo "smart"???????? -sigh-

    But we don't 'do' Netflix, Disney or On Demand, so I guess we would be "safe." >,-))))

    Not really tight borders... Hahhhhhh.... They just throw out those *Rules,* and bank on people being so scared, that they don't even try to not follow them.


    πŸ‚ πŸ”₯ πŸ‚

  6. The lockdowns are filled with issues…hope we are finished with them.

  7. Those TVs are fantastic. Glad you're finding your way around it and enjoying the selections.

  8. I hope you enjoy your TV as much as I enjoy ours...I watch more Youtube and streaming things than actual TV!

  9. I hope you have fun exploring all the functions on your new TV.
    That Honeysuckle is amazing in the number of blooms on it. Wow.

  10. New tv wow!! Bet you will really enjoy it!

  11. Haircuts, careful coffee catch-ups - BLISS! And a new state-of-the-art TV, you are living it up! Our TV isn't more than a couple of years old, but when we had a few days in Martinborough the TV in our unit made us realise we could do much, much better with a new set. Perhaps the after-christmasy sales might have us tempted. Enjoy your freedom. Your area was much better at sticking to the rules about isolating, and thus the spread was so much more limited, you deserve your freedom.

  12. Ahhh, a new tv! Ours is NOT new, but there's nothing wrong with it, so I can't justify a new one. However; I just know there are all kinds of bells & Whistles that would make a smart tv great! Have fun!, Mary

  13. Smart TVs are the way to go now, we've had one for a few years now, we don't watch a great deal except maybe the chase, the news and the odd documentary on netflix or youtube.


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