Monday, 5 July 2021

Just For A Change - Fog!


Just for a change from our heavy frosts and sunny days, today we have had heavy frost and thick fog. 

It has been so heavy and murky that the street lights have been on for most of the day.  

The fog lifted slightly around midday but never broke up, and now it has settled back down again like a great silent white curtain covering everything.

It may have been sunny on the other side of Hamilton, as I was told Auckland had a sunny afternoon.  Fog can be very localized in our city, and as we live between the river and a peat swamp the fog can be quite bad here sometimes.

I checked my phone before, and the temperature was six degrees, feels like four, with a humidity of 98%.  And they are forecasting showers for tomorrow.  Winter!

The fire got lit at lunchtime, once we realized the sun wasn’t going to appear, and I have spent a quiet afternoon sitting in front of it doing some family tree research on my laptop.

Millie kept trying to jump up to sit on me – she lands on the computer and bounces off again, leaving me with all sorts of weird messages and symbols on my screen.  

Mittens had the right idea though, she curled up on her fluffy blanket on the bed and ignored the world around her.

It is son’s turn for cooking dinner tonight (I think we are having nachos), so I can continue to vegetate for the evening in my favourite chair.  Might even be time for a little pre-dinner tipple.

Be happy 😊



  1. Thick fog is so eerie. Good that you can snuggle down and don't have to go outside. Enjoy the nachos

  2. Just as we have had our warmest day this year, I think, as it crept up to 20ºC in my front garden facing the sea. Today I'm setting of on the lunchtime ferry for Glasgow. There are warnings of very heavy rain and localised flooding on the route. Oh dear.

  3. As a person who prefers to be outdoors, there is little worse than fog. It pretty much spoils a nature walk when you can barely see your hand in front of you!

  4. A tipple sounds perfect on such a day round the fire.

  5. NO, not fog! That's Dragon's Breath!!!!!! -smile-

    You have a resident Dragon, isn't that wonderful????????

    I do love fog. It's mysterious and makes everything, almost a Faerieland.

    Oh yes, do have a *wee libation* before dinner!

    And if it's still damp weather, why not another, before bed?!? >,-)))))


  6. I live in Melbourne Australia and we have been having cold cold cold and wet weather
    Temps hardly going into double digits
    So like you I’m in front of the fire usually with my crochet and an audiobook going.
    Hopefully it won’t be a long winter
    Stay warm

  7. Spending the afternoon in front of the fire sounds perfect on such a foggy day.

  8. Here we still are cold having storm and very heavy rain and we are in Summer???

  9. Oh yes, we got fog too, but Putaruru and Tirau were clear... it finally lifted about midday, but never really warmed up... today started foggy, but then cleared and rained - definitely winter weather!
    Stay safe

  10. I love fog - and nachos. Lucky you, enjoy, and... oh. One day I´ll have cats.

  11. Sounds like the perfect day to spend sitting in front of the fire. I would love having someone besides me cook supper once in a while. :)

  12. I like the fog, it makes everything look so mysterious, but it can be damp and rather chilling.
    Interesting that you are doing family history research, I have been doing that since 1990ish.... took my sons to England and stayed with a lot of relatives, and when we got home, they both said "who were all those people?" so I thought I had better write it all down!
    Currently trying to trace late husband's great grandfather who may have been a gypsy.

    1. I've not long discovered my husband's 5x great grandfather was a traveling peddler! So interesting seeing what they did in their lives, so long ago.

  13. If I complain about winter weather, feel free to just laugh at me. It's tropical here compared with your weather. We've had a couple of frosts and that's been it really. It's hard to beat snuggling in front of a fire, though, with or without a tipple in hand.

  14. Por España con calor, no tanto como se espera en verano. Un beso.

  15. One of the things I really miss is Roger cooking every now and then. He does not try to.since his stroke, and that is for the best as I am afraid he woukd burn the house down.


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