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Friday, 2 July 2021

Another Chilly Morning


We had another good frost this morning, followed by another lovely day of winter sunshine. 

I took this photo a few years ago, one cold frosty morning on the farm with just a few wisps of mist wafting around.

It was a day of phone calls today.  Half of my time seems to have been spent on the phone catching up with different people.  Strange how it all happens on one day, instead of spreading out over the week!

The washing all dried outside on the line, but I now have it airing in front of the fire to completely dry it.  One thing I hate is musty-smelling clothes, because they haven’t been aired correctly.

We had risotto for dinner again tonight – mushroom flavoured this time.  I took this photo as I began cooking – and then promptly forgot to take anymore!

We are heading into another weekend.  I have nothing planned, will just see what happens and go with the flow.

Have a cheerful day 😊



  1. Looks as though we may have a few more frosts yet Margaret... as long as we get the fine days, I don't mind too much. We had a gorgeous sunrise this morning - a very colourful pink and blue at 6:45... I am not usually up that early, but the cat got me up by shutting the bedroom door, then wanting out!!
    Stay safe

  2. There is nothing quite as pleasant as a sunny frosty morning.

  3. Those frosty mornings require warm clothing but a walk is invigorating.

  4. Mushroom risotto sounds delicious. I haven’t cooked a risotto for a while. Love your frosty photo. Still cool and damp here, so much for high summer! B x

  5. I don’t know if we will have any summer here!
    We had two days without rain and cold, but tomorrow it is starting again for about 10 days!
    I wish you a good weekend.

  6. Fabulous photo of frost and mistiness. F says the veg look good. If you want to know what a cat thinks ask Mittens. (I reckon she'll agree it's no replacement for roast chook.) xxx Sir T

  7. That certainly was a cold frosty morning on the farm. Great photo .

  8. We've had a great day today. Out of the wind it reached the dizzy heights approaching 20ΒΊC. Your first picture looks really chilly but absolutely wind free. I love risotto. There's a real art to getting the rice creamy as I learned from Italian friends. I get chuffed when I achieve that. Asparagus and pea is my latest fad.

  9. Musty clothes... Damp clothes... Feel for me here.... Where we have so much rain and humidity, it is horrid to get clothes really, really dry, to put away.

    Even in the dryer.


    It feels like, if _we_ stand still too long, _we_ will get musty and moldy!!!

    OK, enough 'poor pitiful Pearl'! LOL


  10. Gazing at your picture of the frosty morning on the farm I can almost make myself forget that it's 30 outside and not much cooler in the kitchen. Where I am going in a minute to start supper.
    Take care.

  11. I have never tried to make or eaten risotto...someday maybe.

  12. The start of your risotto looks very promising so I am sure it was delicious! Beautiful morning photo.

  13. Do you use arborio rice for your risotto?
    I've been making rice and mixed veg meals a lot recently but using either jasmine rice or basmati rice, then plopping a fried or poached egg on top, nutricious and yummy especially with a tiny shake of hot sauce on top!

    1. Yes, I do. It seems to hold its shape and be creamier at the same time. The egg on top sounds like a yummy addition :)

  14. I actually prefer winter over summer, I hate the heat, most of our mornings have started between 4 and 6 deg celsius, but at least we've had some sunny days.

  15. Por aquΓ­ hace calor. Un beso.


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