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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Rugby Rugby


Not sure I should have got out of bed so early this morning.  We had another good heavy frost, great for killing bugs, but not so great for cold fingers and toes! 

The cats seek out any little spot of sunshine to warm up, and the rats almost go into hibernation in their ‘nests’ of torn newspaper and coconut fibre.

However, it is now nearly lunchtime, most of the frost has thawed in the sunshine, and the condensation on the windows is vanishing.  Sometimes I feel like a lizard, it is difficult to get going when things are cold – I need to warm up first.

A soulful singing of the National Anthem

Son and I enjoyed our evening last night, sitting by the fire and watching two games of rugby.  The first was the Maori All Blacks winning against Samoa, a good game with the Samoans scoring an amazing try right on the final whistle.

The second game was the first for the All Blacks this season.  I felt sorry for their opponents, Tonga, with their inexperienced team.  They played well but were unable to stop the ABs beating them by 102 to zero.

It was a treat for me to watch these games – four haka challenges to watch!  I do so love to watch a good haka – it stirs the blood just like listening to bagpipes does.

And now, time to find something warm to eat for lunch, then I should be right for the afternoon.

Have a great weekend everyone 😊



  1. We do miss the rugby here. Mr B would be able to find some clever way to get it on the TV but F's not wired that way so when he's not here we just watch the sea. We rather fancy a frost and some fireside snuggling. I guess anything different looks attractive when you've had enough of whatever you are currently experiencing. Purrs to Mittens. Mr T

    1. Mittens isn't that enthused with rugby either :)

  2. Rugby doesn't get shown much here but we never miss the haka. Well done again nZ.
    It's all football here. 2 matches a night at the moment for the euro cup

  3. Hi Margaret, I discovered your blog last week so am a new reader.

    This may be a daft question, but what's the difference between the All Blacks and the Maori All Blacks please? I've only ever heard reference to the All Blacks which I thought was the national team but I don't really follow the sport so may have that wrong. I've never heard of the Maori All Blacks at all.

    1. Welcome Eileen :)
      No, it is not a daft question. The All Blacks are our national team. The Maori All Blacks are a team of top Maori players (most of them are also All Blacks!), and they play mostly courtesy games (that is, they only play matches for entertainment value not competition).

  4. Killing bugs, LOL. The only good thing about frost, I agree!!
    I hate cold. Lizard is a good creature to refer to.

    Have to admit... I didn´t know your national anthem.
    When I You Tubed a Koala and Sydney turned up!!
    I found one with lyrics - left me not understanding as it was Maori at first. Clever. A free land!!! Wonderful. Thank you for teaching me. We could and should learn from you!

    Rugby, though... not my thing ;-)
    Now I know what you must think when I talk of American Football endlessly! 🤣
    Enjoy your games ... and get a hot chocolate?
    Hugs to you.

    1. Our official languages are English, Maori and Sign Language - so the National Anthem is sung in Maori and then in English.
      LOL to the hot chocolate. I had a cocoa last night while watching a murder mystery on TV. It was great :) xx

  5. Rugby players look super strong! I have never watched a rugby match before but it looks something very action packed and very engaging too!

    1. It is our national game, and quite physical at times. The players need strength and fitness, and lots of stamina, to last the full 80 minutes.

  6. Watching sports is not my thing at all, and given my druthers I would have dressed warmly and gone for a walk. I am not sure that you guys even know what cold feels like!!

    1. Haha, you may be right. I know your temperatures get lower than ours, but I think our cold is also different. Being such a wet cold it seeps right into the bones - I have been in colder weather further south where it is drier and the cold is much more tolerable.

  7. Rugby isn’t as popular here as it is in NZ. Your setting for watching the game with your son sounds perfect though.

  8. I love that National Anthem singing!!!!!

    Be so happy, you do not have spoiled, very well paid players, turning their noses up, at your National Anthem!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today is our 4th of July Celebration of our Country's Independence. So I sign out, with this....

    I pledge allegiance to the Flag
    of the United States of America,
    and to the......
    ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

  9. How disheartening for the losing team to be beat 102 to 0.
    I hope you managed to warm up on your chilly day!

  10. Nice to watch the rugby and even better to watch the hakas! Very exciting stuff.

  11. Another frost here today, followed by fog that did not clear until afternoon.... a tad chilly to say the least!
    Sounds like a rugby feast - I am not that keen on it, so do not go out of my way to watch it, but will if it's on somewhere I am visiting. DH loved rugby, I think I may have been overdosed :)
    Sty warm


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