Friday, 16 July 2021

An Upset and Some Books


It seems the only constant in this world is change, and we are all exposed to it.

Grand-daughter had her sixteenth birthday this last week, and the following day decided she was moving out and going to live permanently with her mother.

It made me sad to realize she has made this decision because there will be less restrictions placed upon her activities (not that she had anything draconian placed upon her here).

Having your own way in everything you do does not, in my experience, lead to a happy life.  But I respect her decision – during life we all have choices to make, and then consequences to bear as a result of those choices.  It can be a harsh learning curve sometimes.

The first daffodils for the season are making their joyful appearance

This morning the sun was shining (it has clouded over now!) so I headed off to the Lions Club annual book fair.  I have come home with twelve books to peruse and digest – which I am going to go and do now, with a cup of hot chocolate to keep me company.

Then I will have to figure out how I am going to fit them into my bookcase!

Enjoy your day, wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing 😊



  1. I am sure that we all wish her well and hope it works out for her. Perhaps she will come back and visit you often.

  2. Twelve books from a book sale, what fun. Show me a photo of them please. I buy books faster than I can read them, at least 100 paper books on shelves waiting and 400 ebooks. But still I buy more. Which one will you read first? That is a big change for your granddaughter and for you, that she is moving to live with her mom.

  3. I hope things work out for your granddaughter and for you and your son. Life can get complicated st times.

  4. You have to let them make their own way in life, even if it's not the steps you would take, you do have the knowledge you gave her the best guidance. I hope you enjoy your books, there is nothing better than a pile of books ready to be read.

  5. Hope things go well for your granddaughter

    Always difficult to know how to advise teenagers.

    12 books sounds good - actually Very good!

  6. Sorry your Granddaughter left.
    I did, too, at age 17. More or less, I always came back for visits.
    Hmm book and hot chocolate!
    I have to give away so many books, but ... Corinna and rain... owww...

  7. Ahhh, the way a 16 year old's mind works! Naturally, they choose the less observant parent. Sad but true. Not wise at all. Wonder if this is in the divorce settlement... That when she is 16, she can choose where to live?

    But! Perhaps her mother will not find it so much fun, to have a 16 year old, to deal with????? Heh, heh, heh... Even with less oversight. >,-)))) She might be back.......

    Have fun with your book stash!!!!!!!

    🌺 💖 🌺

  8. It's hard to let young teens go their merry way. Hopefully your granddaughter has good common sense.
    You'll miss her but maybe she'll miss you too and come back often to visit.

  9. I imagine you will miss your granddaughter. I wish her the best too.

  10. I'm sorry your granddaughter is choosing to go. That's hard for you, and for her father. You'll go on loving her, and wishing the best life for her. You can do no more. And she will learn some hard life lessons, and grow as a result, and in time, recognise the great gift you gave her. Meanwhile, stay warm and dry, and enjoy those books.

  11. Oh I hear your grief at the choice your grand daughter has made. May the lessons not be too hard.
    Those daffodils are early - but then it's warmer around your way :)
    Sounds a great buy at the book fair! Enjoy them and be kind to yourself as you adjust to your new normal.
    Stay safe

  12. One of the things I treasure now is daffodils. When I lived half in New Zealand and half here in Scotland I rarely saw daffodils. I missed them.

  13. Agree, my 3 children are now adults and I've had to learn to step back over time. Hopefully you can still see her once in a while.

  14. Teenagers can be terrifying
    But all you can do is send her with your blessings and wait it out. Eventually they grow up and hopefully she sees that she was loved. 12 books? At once? I have 3 unread ones and that feels luxurious! You must feel rich as croesus!

  15. Teens they can be so dramatic! I hope she does okay!

  16. I hope your granddaughter does not make any serious mistakes. I really hope she realizes how much she is missing and returns home.

    What great deal to find twelve books that you want!


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