Sunday 15 December 2019

Roaming Dogs

This is a bit of a moan post tonight.  We were comfortably watching TV after dinner when a noise outside made my son go and investigate.

What he found were two small dogs that had baled up one of our cats in a corner of the garden.  The dogs ran away when they saw son, but the poor cat was absolutely terrified and took off for regions unknown.

It was a good 30 minutes before we were able to find her and coax her back into the house.  The other two cats were already inside, so no problems with them.

Why do people insist on owning dogs when they cannot be responsible owners? 

We have never seen either of these two animals before and so know that they do not belong to anybody who lives close by.  That means they are out loose and wandering the streets, and no doubt their owners would deny that they ever left their home properties.

Surely it is up to a dog's owner to ensure the animal remains on their own property if they intend to let them out during the evening.

I wonder who else has had their cats terrorized by these offending animals?



  1. The corollary to this episode is - why are you letting your cats roam at will outside, where the carnage they inflict on your wildlife is devastating? Study after study after study has proven this. Even fat, well fed cats continue to slaughter small birds and other creatures. I can never understand why I have to have a licence for a dog, have it microchipped, make sure it has its shots, walk it on a leash etc but I can own a dozen cats and let them roam at will. In the process they can go where they wish, poop in the neighbour's garden, dig up her lettuce, caterwaul on the roof - and reproduce. I am afraid that I have no sympathy for you in this case. Keep your cats, which are not native to New Zealand, indoors. And read "Rat Island" by William Stolzenburg!

  2. Thankfully we do not have any neighbours at this time who let their dogs roam around. I totally agree that owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs in their own year. It's harder to keep a cat at home.

  3. Some people de-claw cats which go outdoors but that is just cruel. Very few dogs are ever loose here.

  4. We have no dogs that roam as a rule, but we have one that barks and barks, thankfully it has a deep voice that I can block out. Early in the year we had a neighbor that put his dog out on a lead, and it barked and kept me awake till 3:30 in the morn, and it didn't stop then, its probably damaged its voice lost the high pitch that was driving me crazy.


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