Wednesday 11 December 2019

Down By The River

Beside the Waikato River

I went for an early morning walk through Hamilton Gardens again, and this time made my way down a path that led to the edge of the Waikato River.  It was incredibly peaceful and quiet down there, with only birds and some rabbits to keep me company.  In the distance I could see the Cobham Drive bridge with traffic passing over it, but it was too far away to hear anything.

Looking towards Cobham Drive bridge

It was good to have a little time by myself as I was feeling rather angry after watching the early morning news on TV.  A pilot of one of the three helicopters that airlifted twelve people off White Island soon after it erupted, was saying how they were forbidden to return to rescue the remaining people as it was considered too dangerous for them to do so.  These pilots are all experienced with flying visitors to and from the Island and know the hazards well.  If they were willing to volunteer themselves, then why were they not allowed to do so?  

I am so thankful that no-one was able to stop their first flight or the death toll would be a lot higher (some of the twelve rescued have since died, but at least they had a chance given to them).  By all reports, eight people remained on the Island (in various states of injury) and they are now all declared to be dead.  It is starting to look a bit like the Pike River debacle all over again, and makes me angry and sad at the same time.

(For those who don’t know, the Pike River Coal Mine disaster occurred in 2010 and willing rescuers, who were fully trained and equipped, were forbidden to enter the shaft and search for possible survivors.)

One of several rabbits that I saw

Today was also my four-week weigh-and-measure day.  The scales say I now weigh one kilogram less than I did, and the tape measure says I have lost 3 ½ inches in total.  I confess to feeling a little depressed with these results, but then reminded myself that for the first time in months the scales were not saying I had gained weight, and losing the inches is also a bonus.  I shall choose to be encouraged!

This is a popular riverside picnic area in summertime

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  1. Well done! The number is down! The inches lost are great! You got this! Don’t be discouraged!

  2. I was surprised by your comment on the rescue mission as what I have read has been the opposite - in today's paper Jacinda Ardern said that she had spoken earlier in the day to one of the helicopter pilots who was on the island in the immediate aftermath and "he confirmed that, tragically, everyone who was alive and survived was taken off the island - that is absolutely tragic."

    That is what I have read in previous articles as well.

    Well done on the inches lost.

    1. Yes, I heard Jacinda say that too. The pilot we listened to was interviewed on TV3's AM Show this morning. Who are we meant to believe?

  3. I am so sorry to hear about those on the Island...I hope it does not haunt the pilots that wanted to rescue them.

    I would be so happy to lose three inches, but am too ashamed to even measure myself. I really need to resolve to do something about my weight. but it just seems impossible to do right now.

  4. Congratulations on the pounds lost and on your determination to keep working at it.

  5. I think that your weight loss and your shrinking inches is impressive. It is all not going to happen overnight. Gradual progress is much preferred over sudden bursts followed by no change. Just stick with it.

  6. Any weight loss should be congratulated, its not easy to lose weight. Love you photos, everywhere looks calm and warm.

  7. I've never had a real good look at Hamilton Gardens, but hope to one day soon. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I, too, wonder why they couldn't go back to White Island, but it seems that health and safety has run amok!

    I'm glad I found your blog and will add it to my sidebar list on my NZ blog.

    My Corner of the World

    1. Welcome Betty :) I just had a thoroughly enjoyable wander through your blogs!


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