Monday, 2 December 2019

A Raw Veggie Burger

I made this recipe up for my lunch, based on one found in a Raw Food cookbook.  It must have been the cashew nuts, but I found one burger so filling that I have left the other one for my lunch tomorrow.

Two burgers, a tomato, and strawberries from the garden

The burgers are relatively easy to make:

Grind ½ cup unsalted unroasted nuts into a meal (I used cashew nuts in the blender).
Tip into a bowl and add 1 small onion, finely diced.
Prepare ½ cup raw vegetables of choice – grated or finely diced.  Some ideas are carrot, beetroot, courgette, cauliflower, celery, mushroom.  Today I used grated carrot, grated beetroot, grated courgette, and cauliflower “rice” (where the curd is shaved off in small pieces).  
(Obviously only small amounts of each is needed as you only require ½ cup in total.)
Mix the vegetables into the nut and onion mix, adding a few drops of balsamic vinegar for flavour.
Add a little cold-pressed vegetable oil if the mixture will not hold together.
Halve the mixture and shape into two balls;  flatten the balls and there you have two burger patties.
Cover and refrigerate until required.
Decorate with a tiny sprig of parsley when serving.

Something different to make for dinner!


  1. I would love to taste...just to see what I thought. I like all the ingredients...just never thought of combining them.

    1. The taste was more of cashews I thought. Not as light and fresh as a salad.

  2. The raw veggie burgers look very interesting. I make black bean burgers but have never tried a nut-based burger.
    Your strawberries look so delicious.

    1. The strawberries were delicious, especially as they were still sun-warmed when I ate them.

  3. We eat food from each season, and it's winter here, so you strawberries look wonderful, roll on June when we get tghem back in our garden. We are trying to eat food which has not been shipped around the world, waiting for summer fruits, makes them taste so much better, when we get to pick them.

    1. Seasonal food definitely has better flavour. We used to wait for the first tomatoes of the season and enjoy them so much. Now we have hothouse tomatoes in the shops and they are available all year round and seldom have any real flavour.

  4. Hei Margaret, I found you :-)) This fall I was in an English speaking country for the first time - in Ireland - it was awesome, but I do not speak English! And what do you think? Now I'm going to Community College and laerning English :-)) So I have to read Blogg i English to.
    Great Recipe... I'll try it.
    Greetings to you from Viola

    1. Welcome Viola :)
      I looked at your blog. I am afraid I don't understand Norwegian (I used Google Translate to read your Profile) but your photos are lovely.


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