Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Half An Hour Of Joy

So far my day has been a quiet Home Day pottering around.  Did some housework, washed the towels and hung them to dry, sorted out yesterday’s meat purchases to put into the freezer, and hard boiled some eggs ready to use in salads.  
Later this afternoon (it is currently threatening to rain) I intend to get my Daily Journal up to date (I have some pictures that need completing and a poem that needs finishing), and then maybe some thoughts to write into my Makeover Diary.

Ready and waiting for me to start work

I was awake early this morning (5am!) and was thrilled to hear the bellbird start up the Dawn Chorus.  With a name like “bellbird” one would think they should sound musical, but I always think they sound more like the squeaking of a rusty door.  Nevertheless, I love hearing their piercing song ringing through the still air (maybe this is what bells sound like?), and the bellbird will sing for ten to fifteen minutes before any other birds pick up the refrain.
I opened my bedroom window and lay in bed listening.  The blackbird was the first of the song birds to begin singing, and I could hear a pukeko and pheasant in the background making the occasional sound.  The welcome-to-the-dawn chorus of birdsong only lasted half an hour, but it was a peaceful, pleasant and joyful way to begin the day.

Te Awamutu farmland at dawn (2006)

Calendars always seem to have pictures that reflect the season, but I find it difficult to look at summery pictures on a very hot day.  I purchased my current calendar in the United States last year, and love this picture of snowmen that is for December.  It was the same in winter, when lovely warm-weather pictures made me feel so much better on a cold dismal day.

December on my calendar

Whether your day today is hot or cold, dry or wet, I hope you are enjoying it.


  1. How utterly wonderful to wake up to that kind of dawn chorus. It must set the whole day off right.

  2. I agree with you about the calendars.

  3. I, too, listen to the birds singing in the early spring mornings though we are far from bird song now. I am going to listen to a bellbird online as they are not native to eastern Canada.

  4. Bellbirds are very loud aren't they but they are such lovely birds to look at. We were due to get rain here but only got about 5 minutes worth - definitely not enough.

  5. Oh, I had never heard of a Bellbird that I remember...what a sound it makes. The things we learn from blogging!


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