Tuesday 8 February 2022

The Adventures of Brush


After nearly five years of daily use, I have a feeling my hairbrush has decided it is time it had a change of scene and maybe got retired.

Brush has worked faithfully every day since it began work in my service, but I must admit I have taken it very much for granted.

It often travels with me, but on my recent trip to Tauranga, Brush decided to escape my bag and hide itself on the back seat. 

This turned out quite detrimental to its health, as I put the seats down when moving some furniture and Brush found itself very squashed.

All its bristles were flattened out sideways, but a bit of tender loving care brought most of them upright again (they are made of rubber).

Brush with friend Mirror and rival Comb

And yet, Brush was not satisfied and ran away again!  This time when I was housesitting, it managed to elude my packing efforts and hid itself beneath the bed.  Naughty Brush.

I searched and searched but could not find it after arriving home, and it was a couple of days before my sister-in-law rang to say she had found it lurking in a corner under the bed.

Brush is now back home, sulking in its drawer and threatening to pull all my hair out.  It is very upset that Comb managed to do most of its work while it was gone, so our relationship now is one of uneasiness.

Perhaps if I am really nice and give it extra attention over the next few days, Brush will consent to working for me for another few years 😊



  1. I, the Tigger, like a daily brush. After our trip to Delfi F left my brush in the van, and Mr B put the cover on the van and everyone seems to be too lazy to go and fetch my brush. Be kind to Brush, they have a rather thankless task. You don't know how important they are until you can't find them. xxx Mr T (Mittens do you like being brushed?)

    1. I try not to let it show too much, but I LOVE being brushed - it makes me purr lots :)
      Mittens 😻 xx

  2. Oh dear - jealousy, and drama, on the dressing table - not a good scene at all. Thank you for your amusing wee tale. I do hope brush recovers to serve you ever so faithfully for years to come
    Stay safe

  3. Cute story :-) I hope brush finds to utself´s nice manner.
    Mine is very forgiving. I once threw it at Ingo, it hit the floor, the lid went off.
    You still see a crack, but it does (only seldom) near to never hide.

  4. If Brush develops too much bad attitude it might find itself tossed in the bin and replaced by another.

  5. Oh. How I loved this! I guess Brush belongs to a union and resented the use of non-union help.

  6. Oh poor brush!!! Needing to disappear, to get attention.

    I think you really have to be extra special nice to it, for maybe a week! In order to make up for its sad, sad, sad 'mental attitude.'


    😷 👦 😷 👧 😷
    Masks and Kids

  7. Yes, I also thought that Brush was getting a bit too contrary and should be warned that other Brushes would love to replace him.

  8. I haven't used a brush in years, I have a wide tooth comb for when the hair is still wet after shampooing, then a finer tooth comb that I use after the wide tooth, to smooth out the hair. I found brushes made too much static electricity and my hair would be standing on end or just plain fuzzy.

  9. Feb. 9th

    Hope you will soon read my now last post.

    It is scary! For us here....

  10. Oh poor brush! What a way to have to get attention, eh! My hair being short at this point in my life, there is now no rival to my little comb that I use. Haha! But mirrors, we will always use those, so they will never fear an end to their use! LOL! Blessings to you, Margaret!


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