Friday 11 February 2022



I don’t know about you, but I am not very fond of little black furry creatures with four legs and a tail.

Millie, Mittens kitty sister, has been catching a lot of field mice lately and bringing them into the house.  Usually, she meows a certain way and Son goes and rescues the mouse and sets it free outside. 

Only sometimes he is not fast enough, and the mouse escapes to hide beneath some piece of furniture – we have had them under the coffee table, under the lounge chairs, under the dining dresser, and behind the fridge.

(On the good side, that meant the fridge had to be removed from its position – a difficult process – and I was able to take the opportunity to clean behind and under it.)

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Yesterday I was using a bucket of water to sluice the dust out of our bath (it is never used, but it does accumulate a layer of dust in the bottom), and a mouse leapt up at me.


Water flew all round the room, Mittens dived out the nearest window, and Son came running to see what was the matter.

Poor little mouse!

It must have been curled up inside the plug hole but I have no idea how it got into the bath.  Son soon caught it and it should now be living happily ever after in the field behind us.

Mice don’t belong inside a house!

Margaret 😊



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a dusty bath. Purdy our cat loves to bring home live mice, which we have to chase around the house to capture them and release them back where they belong.

  2. Mice don't belong inside a house, but cats do.

  3. Oh my!! I'm sure I would have shrieked too. I'm glad your son takes them outside and releases the little guys. They're okay outside but sure don't belong in the house.

  4. I'm with you on the mouse thing! We don't have a cat to bring them in, but last autumn I was sitting in the sun with the deck doors open and a little mouse scuttled past me on its way to finding warm winter quarters! I bought a "Humane Trap" which the mouse ignored, so in the end we had to resort to the lethal variety. Keep safe, and dry!

  5. Neither do spiders, but they come in anyway.

  6. I agree - thankfully my my cat deals with them outside. Unfortunately I end up having to bury them quite often.
    Stay safe

  7. Mice certainly are outside animals, and as far away from the house as possible. What a surprise!! Glad your son found and liberated it

  8. I bet you scared it as much as it scared you! And I bet I would have reacted just like you.

  9. Mice love under the snow in our back yard in winter and our visiting grand-dog is fascinated by their antics. One night she came in with one firmly planted between her teeth. Despite our best efforts to take it from her, she persisted and we gave up trying to retrieve it. She proceeded to eat it. Yuck! As hard as that was to see, I’m glad it wasn’t a mouse which got loose in the house. I don’t like those critters either. They can be real nuisances and quite scary in their own mousy way.

  10. That is so funny. Bet it scared you to death. I'm so glad your son rescues them and sets them free. We do the same thing. Mice scare me but aren't they cute! Our Smokey does the same thing. He sits across the road and watches the cut-over and usually catches a mouse every day.

  11. I once had a very clever mouse, a Jaculus. She was clever but also ... not that clever - tried to eat a cable... luckily I got her in time.
    Wild animals though certainly can have a virus or such. I would not want them in my home, either!
    Bet both of you were scared ;-)

  12. I was so afraid that when we bought this house with a hay field across the road that every time they'd mow the hay we'd have a mouse problem, but that hasn't happened. Hallelujah for that! I do not like those little creatures.

  13. Oh my, your son is nicer than I would be...I would dispatch them cause they breed and make more:(

  14. That's one thing we don't get with our cats, birds yes but mice no.


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