Thursday 30 April 2020

Indian Char Bagh Garden

Today, let’s take a quick (virtual) walk through the Indian Char Bagh Garden, one of the themed gardens in the Hamilton Gardens complex.

The char bagh, or four-quartered, garden was the original Paradise Garden, a secret poetic pleasure garden often built alongside city riverbanks by early Mughal rulers and, later, the Hindu aristocracy.

They reached the peak of their popularity during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The ever-changing carpet of flowers gave pleasure with their colour and scent.

An open-sided pavilion provided both shade and pleasant breezes in which to escape the hot sun.

The tinkle of water was a soothing cooling sound, represented here by a bubble fountain within the pavilion.

The pavilion in this garden overlooks our own city river, the Waikato River.

We are now into the third day of lowered restrictions on our movements, but so far it has had little impact on myself apart from grand-daughter now being able to visit her mother for a couple of days.

The general message is to still stay at home unless you need essentials or are going to work.  Most workplaces are now operating, with the exception of close-contact businesses like the hospitality industry (although fast-food places are allowed to sell via delivery or drive-through).

Not having any great desire for takeaway food, son and I are carrying on at home here the same as we have now for the last several weeks.  I’m beginning to get used to it!

Have a great day J


  1. Very relaxing and so colourful, a lovely virtual walk.

  2. Those gardens are heavenly and if I lived near I would visit them often. The rainbow of colors of the flowers, the shaded pavillions, the sound of water. We may soon have restrictions lessened, and I, like you, will tend to stay home for a bit more.

  3. What lovely vibrant colours in those gardens. Keep safe.

  4. Those gardens are spectacular to say the least. I think we are all to one degree or another becoming accustomed to restrictions on our movement, but I am looking forward to the days when everything opens up again. And it will be great to have dinner with friends. Miriam and I enjoy each other's company, and we both enjoy cooking, but it will be very nice to have another couple across the table from us.

  5. I love those gardens, but I swear I think I would love your river more! Rivers always hold a lot of appeal for me. I so hope we can all get back to a more normal routing soon, but I think I might as well accept it is going to be a while.

  6. The carpet of colour in gorgeous.

    Our restrictions are easing slightly in this province on Friday. It won’t make any difference to us.

  7. Beautiful garden with so many colourful flowers. I especially like the pavilion.

  8. Oh Margaret I wanna be there at this moment! I love Hindu architecture and so as Middle Eastern once because they give so much importance to symmetry and not just the aesthetics itself. For them, beauty should be synonymous to balance and continuity, as you can see on the details on the arches and that beautiful relief on the floor. Love this Margaret so much!

  9. What lovely gardens! That view of the river is stunning, too. I hope the lowering in the level of restrictions work out well for you and your country. Continue to take care, though, and stay safe and healthy!

  10. Looks stunning, lovely place to visit, thank you for sharing.

  11. Hello, the gardens looks like a beautiful place to visit. The flowers and fountains are lovely.
    I would continue to do whatever makes you feel safe and keep you healthy. Take care, enjoy your day!

  12. Aren't the flowers beautiful! I don't see how anyone grows flowers so pretty. I'm lucky to just get a bloom or two. Your header picture is just beautiful. Feels like standing on a bridge looking down at the water.

  13. I so love flowers and the ones you have shared are just beautiful. River picture with that splash of red shrub is so pretty.

  14. I visited the Hamilton Gardens last year and the thing I remember most about this beautiful India themed garden was the huge amount of bees happily buzzing around the flowers. Loved the boat ride on the river too. I enjoy your blog and its glimpse into Hamilton life. Thank you

  15. What a fabulous garden! I do love the variety of colors and different types of flowers.

    Thanks for taking part at 'My Corner of the World' this week! It's good to see you.


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