Tuesday, 21 April 2020

An Important Announcement

It must have been a new record yesterday afternoon, as virtually the whole country stopped to watch the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 announcement on TV. 

Government’s pandemic response covers four different levels.  We have been at level four for four weeks and it was announced we will remain at that for another week before dropping to level three for two weeks, when the situation will again be reviewed.

Each new day brings with it hope for something better

I have no contention with being in lock-down if it helps save lives.  What I have trouble understanding is why we don’t do it for other contagious diseases, viral or otherwise.  What makes this disease different?

Each year, in New Zealand alone, between 400 and 600 people die of influenza – and this is WITH vaccines.  Over the last three years we have averaged 365 road accident deaths a year, which is one a day.  We are used to these statistics and accept them as part of our daily life.

Knowing that our planet has never managed to totally eradicate ANY disease that humanity has faced (many are controlled but still exist and still kill people), it makes me wonder if, within a few decades, we will accept this virus as part of normal life.

What do you think?

Stay safe,

22 APRIL 2020:



  1. It's because this virus is hitting everywhere all at once. The yearly flu virus (which we do get a vaccine for based on previous years) is spread out over about 5 or 6 months and it tends to be milder and effect mostly the elderly. This one is much more contagious and can be much more deadly in all age groups. When it hits all at once it overwhelms hospitals, the police and other frontline workers.
    This virus also lasts a long time - normally the flu hits, maybe lasts a week or two and then you recover - this one can linger on for 6 weeks or more and can even knock those who aren't hospitalized off their feet for a very long time. And because its a novel virus we have no idea whether someone can be reinfected or not - nor do we know the longterm effects. There seems to be evidence that it causes lung scarring, heart problems and can effect other organs so the ongoing health problems could be significant and very costly over the coming years. Before there was a vaccine one of my brothers had Scarlet Fever and it has left him with heart issues since childhood - if that happens with this virus it is going to be very, very hard on the Health care system.
    Hope this helps.

  2. I am like you, it will become a yearly virus that everyone is used to. Just so sad that it is killing our older people most. I fear for my Mum over in Australia so much, she's nearly 83.

  3. Wow Margaret, you got my brain working on this one. Your analogy is strikingly valid and true! I know how serious this virus is but how about other causes that point the same grave fatal implications despite having answers to it such as vaccines and precautions. This is really something for me to ponder on.

    But for now, stay safe and I've heard from a friend in Wellington about stepping down to Level 3 and that's a big reason to congratulate you and your beautiful country. I wish we can all follow your lead in mitigation response.


  4. It will be interesting to see what happens. I hope NZ manage to eradicate it.

    I also agree with what Margie from Toronto says, about it hitting everywhere at once, despite the weather and seasons. Although I do think Vitamin D has a huge part in how badly people are effected and it would be interesting if the medical profession would actually take FULL bloods of those who get it (and those who don't) and really analyse if there is some common factor...for example black people seem to get it worse, and they don't absorb Vit D from the sun as easily as white people, so are their levels much lower? Just a few thoughts that I have had, but that have also been talked about it by a few medical people, but not enough.

  5. I so agree with you!!!!
    Every flu-virus "refine, advance", such nice words... and so will this one. There were deaths always,but no one spoke about it.

    A couple of years ago I got a vaccine against influenza. Because I wanted to. Because people/friends/family said it´s better to do it.
    I was weak 2 weeks from this and then heard in the news the virus had "advanced".

    Honestly? I do not know, certainly, but I can guess it´s made to keep us silent, so we do not stand up against the politics that are made.

    Thank you for speaking about it!
    As a German you are "not allowed" on your blog, you´d be a Na#i at once.
    Yes, this one is more aggressive.
    And it will stay.

    Eat a bat or exchange blood with a chimpanzee and bring HIV into the human race. Both not good, what´ll be next?

  6. Your government has handled the outbreak very well, your deaths have been very low, but it's because you did social distancing, it could have been much worse. In different parts of UK we have had different levels, here in Hampshire the stats are high, but in rural Somerset (my birth county) the stats are very low. London has been horrible, the deaths have been extremely high, thank goodness they are dropping. It does feel surreal, but the virus is out there and unchecked it would kill horrendous numbers, mostly older and sick people, it would be like a cull.

  7. Hi Margaret - I totally understand where you are coming from. The problems with this virus are its extreme contagiousness and its tendency and potential to be far more deadly. This is not a flu we are dealing with. The longer that people don't take it seriously and take measures to prevent it from spreading, the longer we will all have to live like this. Stay well.

  8. Hello, I think this virus is so contagious and they do not know all about yet. It is deadly, the USA has the highest number of deaths in the world now. They try to control vehicle deaths, speeding traps, inspections for driving under the influence and sometimes stopping the aggressive driving. I do not think there are enough traffic police to handle all the incidents. Others viruses seem to have vaccines and can be controlled. I hope things can go back to normal soon. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. From what I understand this one has the potential to become far more virulent, and its potential for destruction is far greater, especially without a vaccine.

  10. I wonder the same. There are some who have had it and didn't know it. Some don't get it as bad. I don't agree with staying in homes and not being in the outdoors which I do quite a lot and walking. I visit the grand girls who take precaution. I have no problem visiting in the sunshine watching them play and get the exercise they need and me too. I had a form of H1N1 last year, my husband didn't get it and neither did my grand girls. I am going to take precautions but not live in fear.
    take care and stay well, betsy

  11. I would like to look into this more...I thought I read when this first started that the US averages 10,-12,000 deaths annually from the flu....but now I just read that between 3,000 and 49,000 deaths per year are related to flu. Which maybe that averages out to the 10-12,000. There has already been 43,000 deaths in the US from the corona virus, and that with all this shut down. So I do wonder what it would have been like had we not did this stuff. I am not arguing....I am like you and just wonder a lot about it all.

    I don't mind the lockdown so much, but don't like the not knowing...

  12. I think we will have more effective vaccines in time. I don’t think I’ll see it in my lifetime though.

    On this island we will be phasing in a return to somewhat of a regular life beginning in early May. It will be interesting to see what that will look like.

    1. I so wonder, too, about how it will be in the future. Here individual states are making their own decision. The state I grew up in is starting to return to somewhat normal life as I speak...my state now is still on Lockdown till in May...then the governor will make a decision whether to stay on 'lockdown' or try to start returning to normal.

  13. I think there will be a vaccine in a few months...I hop! :)


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