Tuesday, 7 April 2020


And so another day of lockdown slips by.  One day is beginning to merge into another and it is easy to forget what day of the week it is.

However, we do try and follow a loose sort of menu plan which suggests we have mincemeat on Mondays.  So last night we had hamburgers for dinner again.

To make my burger patties I use 500g fresh mince (if it has a higher fat content then the burger will be juicier), ½ cup fresh breadcrumbs, 1 small finely diced onion, 1 beaten egg, 1 teaspoon tomato sauce, ½ teaspoon mustard powder, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, and a sprig of parsley finely chopped.

The whole lot is placed into a bowl and mixed together.

The mixture is then divided into six even portions and I use the Tupperware pattie maker to create six hamburger patties.  When the pattie is made I make an indentation in it by pressing my thumb down into the centre.  This will stop the pattie pulling up around the sides when cooking, and also allows the centre of the pattie to cook evenly with the outside edges.

Cook the pattie as normal and then assemble your hamburger with whatever ingredients you like.  We generally spread a buttered bun with a sauce such as tomato or mustard or a mayonnaise, and then top it with a pattie, some grated carrot, grated cheese, chopped spring onion, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced cooked beetroot, and a fried egg.  Place the other half of the bun on top and there you have it – one homemade hamburger!

Our weather is slowly changing.  We still have warm sunshine in the morning but the last couple of days it has clouded over in the afternoon.

The nights are growing cooler, and I have removed the summer duvet off my bed and added a warm cosy blanket instead.

The sun is lower in the sky and is once again picking up the crystals hanging in my window and spreading little rainbows all over my bedroom.

Mittens has taken to spending the morning sitting on my windowsill in the sunshine, until her black fur gets so hot that she is forced to move!

I was saddened to hear on the news that Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, is battling Covid-19 in an intensive care unit in hospital.  We all really hope that he soon makes a full recovery. 

Take care and be safe,


  1. Can I have a burger Margaret? I'll have one with a fried egg :)


  2. There's an idea, we have mince beef but no beefburgers, will have to bake some bread rolls as well.

  3. Long time since I had a burger, since we gave up on red meat, but we used to make it pretty much as you describe. Today we are far more likely to have a piece of fish on a wholegrain or rye bun with homemade tartar sauce and a lettuce leaf or two. We enjoy homemade coleslaw too and often have that on the side,

  4. Hello, we enjoy burgers once in a while. Love the sweet kitty and the pretty sky shot.
    I hope all is well, enjoy your day!

  5. Burgers looks good. My husband would love them I’m sure. I don’t like all the bread so I usually just eat the beef. If there is a burger on a menu, that’s what my husband would order 95% of the time. I’ll make him some of these since the barbecue is coming out of storage this week.

    Take care Margaret.

    1. My husband always enjoyed a good burger as well :)

  6. Even though I had a burger last night, this looks delicious. Mittens is such a pretty/handsome cat!

  7. And so life goes on. Long may it continue.

  8. I really need to write down beetroot to the shopping list!!
    Thank you for the reminder.
    And hmmm, that looks yummy!!
    Mittens sure is a cutie-pie! Hugs from here!

  9. P.S. I´ll have an egg on cheese-bread tonight.

  10. Oh for a kiwi burger. My family here goes, yuck, when I mention that burgers should have beetroot. They dont mind the fried egg. I like/d a pineapple ring as well. Yum

    1. Oh yes, ham steak and pineapple make a yummy burger :)

  11. Yes strange the weather usually it's the other way around ; cloudy in the morning and sun in the afternoon
    We also make our own hamburgers sometimes. Looks yum

  12. You changed to a warmer blanket and I changed my top quilt to a summerweight.
    We had leftover soup for supper but to make up for that I had made apple crisp. Leftovers really should be followed by a nice dessert/.


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