Sunday, 23 January 2022

Sorting Music


I came to the conclusion today that I simply have too much music on my computer. 

Over the years I have copied over all my CD collection (quite extensive) and also my father’s record (vinyl) collection (also extensive).

My music must span a good 80-90 years!

So many folders and so many songs.  I have tried several times to sort it out and given up each time.

I like to use my own photos as album covers when I can

This afternoon I have been pulling out favourite songs that I adore, regardless of who sang them or what album they are in or where they came from.

So far, I have nearly 200 songs and have moved them into a special folder for further sorting.  It is making me feel much less cluttered and a lot happier with my collection.

Do you have problems like this?

May your day be filled with happy songs 😊



  1. How nice to have so much music at your fingertips. So much nicer though to have it all sorted. Those 200 you have sound more than enough for hours of listening . I have 80 something on a YouTube list. That's plenty for me. Music to walk by, though I usually listen to podcasts.

  2. We now have Alexa in our home and have made a couple of playlist, we play 'midnight music' each as we go to bed. I also created a Christmas list, sadly it won't be played for a while, she can play any music we want, so we are not using our CD's or any other means of music. We never us our DVD's either, everything is now streamed.

  3. I have an extensive CD collection which is basically obsolete and I am wondering what I should do with it. Everything seems to be available on line now.

  4. Wow, that is a lot of music! On the computer, I have a lot of pictures.
    I did not know about tagging them when I first the time i did it was just more than i could even think about doing.

    In real life, my sewing room really needs organization.

  5. That is a lovely photo. It sounds like you have an extensive collection. Enjoy!

  6. My problem is all my photos on the computer! Toooo many!! Its great to have a nice collection of music, I know!
    Have a happy Sunday and take care :)

  7. yes my photos! I finally have them all on flash drives:)

  8. Hello Margaret
    this is Lilla, a kiwi born in Hamilton
    Live in Hawaii and wanted to touch base
    Do give me an email and maybe I can catch up with the city on the river

    1. Hi Lilla. I will do that, only give me a couple of days :)

  9. Golly, you are doing well! In this home, the husband is a music buff and is still in the dark ages... CDs by the TRILLION. He says he enjoys reading the back covers and deciding which version he feels like listening to today. So the collection gets dusted regularly, and regularly I take a tall pile back up to his office upstairs, so he can sort them out and refile them. Then he gradually creates stacks downstairs all over again!

    MY problem is an overflowing photo collection, not sorted, on the computer. I feel helpless and so put off trying to cull it. Actually ORDERING it is the more urgent need! I feel weak at the very thought! Have you a solution?

    1. I wish I did. I have thousands and thousands of photos and still am unsure of how to trim them down. The Thinking Cap is on, but no results yet :)

  10. I use spotify which is much easier on both my phone and laptop. You just basically add music that other people have uploaded to your own personal playlists avoiding downloading or storing it, it uses less space.

  11. I read you!!!
    I have the problem more with pics, though.
    But.... oh great we have external space to store it all!
    Love the cover, very sweet.

  12. My 'kids' use spotify, but I tend to listen to a radio that is streamed online... I do have a small collection of CD's but not many get used these days. Love the photo that you shared here
    Stay safe

  13. Never "saved" anything to my computer. Guess I don't know how. :-)

    Very cute picture, btw.

    Thank you, Tom
    Still The "G.O.A.T." !!!
    🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐

  14. Love the photo! I can only image that sorting through your songs keeps your home filled with music all day long. I know that when I get a song in my head I have to sing out :)

  15. I get overwhelmed with pictures. I would be totally lost at knowing how to put the music from CDs and albums on the computer and in folders. Confuses me to even think about it. :) I am so not a computer person.

  16. You are right Margarita, sometimes we put things together but there comes a time when they overflow the place where we have them stored.
    The time has come to select and stay with what really interests us. The moment comes when we move house. Right now I'm on that task.
    Greetings from Argentina

  17. Storing files on the computer can get a little bit overwhelming whether its music, emails, photos, ideas....

  18. I didn't realise that one had to tidy and clear folders. I now have tons of clearing and sorting to do. Someone told me to get a tiny hard drive to store stuff in

  19. Are you still burrowing through that music Margaret? I hope you're not unwell? So far I only know one person who's gone down with Omicron, and it was really nasty while it lasted. Hope you're enjoying summer still.


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