Monday, 10 January 2022

Book List 2022


The other day, Sue from the blog “My Quiet Life in Suffolk” ( wrote that she had managed to read 92 books during 2021.

Wow, I thought, how could someone read so many?

In my mind, I only read about 10 during a year – but then I stopped and thought a bit.  I have already read one book this year and am into my second.

So, how many do I really read during a year?  I thought maybe it would be a good idea to keep a Book List this year and see how much I do read.

My first book was “Your body’s many cries for water” by Dr F. Batmanghelidj.  A fascinating read, and putting many of our daily health woes down to a dehydrated body.

I have increased the amount of water I am drinking!

The book I have started now is one that has sat on my bookshelf for many a year but never been read.  It was published in 1901 and given to my grandmother in 1934 by her father.

It is a book for young children and covers all the traditional Bible stories, broken up into different tales to be read each Sabbath over the period of one year.

I love the illustrations scattered throughout the book.  Many are pen drawings, but there are also coloured plates like this one of baby Moses being found in the rushes.

Our weather continues to be typical of summer, although our temperatures have dropped down into the high 20s (Celsius) so things are more tolerable than they were.

I have spoken to three people over the last few days who are suffering major sunburn from being outside too long.  Our sun here (like Australia) can be very harsh, and it is easy to end up looking a bit like a cooked lobster!

Remember to drink lots of pure water 😊



  1. I so agree with the importance of water and keeping hydrated. I am back to reading again since I had my cataract surgery. I’m on my second book too.

  2. The book about water sounds fascinating. I always drink a lot of water but wonder if I should up my intake. I will have a look at that book.

  3. Good thing your temperatures have dropped a bit. High 20's is definitely more comfortable.
    Since I've been keeping a pitcher of water with a sprig of mint in the fridge I drink more water. It has some taste instead of being so boring.

    1. That's a brilliant idea - I'm heading for the garden now to pick a sprig of mint :)

  4. Mittens, do you drink water? I, the Tigger, refuse to and my human has been putting extra water in my food. I always only ate wet food but these days it's more like soup.

    1. I'm very fussy Tigger, I like my water to be in a puddle but I also eat wet grass. Sister Millie likes to take her water out of a flower pot saucer, but Mum always has water sitting at our food station (I just don't let her see me drinking it!). Purrs, Mittens 😻

  5. I got slack with reading books, oh my.
    And yes. 1995. Just a couple of times (we travelled 6 months) I went from the car to the SC without sunscreen. Tadaaa. Sun allergy for life.

  6. It will be lovely to see what you read through the year.
    I didn't do a separate page of books read on my old blog between 2013 and 2017 but used to put the library book photo on the blog and have always written books read in my Book Of Books Read which goes all the way back to the 1970's!

  7. I've just finished my 3rd book this year, I do read more in our winter months, I have tasked myself with reading 52 books this year, my highest read was a couple of years ago, when I read 76 books.

  8. The sun in Australia is a national health hazard if ever I saw one! It was amazing to me how many sun-worshippers I saw, though. Maybe they are a demented subspecies!

  9. I am on my second book, but my first was started at the end of December. I dont read near as much as I used to.

    I know I need to drink more water and often think that we would all feel better if we did.

  10. Water drinker here!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to read 20 min. a day, to get back into reading. Want. Have to start. -sigh-

    Got sick of our library making me wear a mask (useless) to go in, so I'm reading books on my Kindle. Have Kindle Unlimited, which gives me a lot of books for free. I have plenty to read. Just must get back into the habit!!!!!!!

    Merry Midwinter

  11. I've all but given up reading it is so difficult to find print that I can read (because of cataracts). But recently I found a very old western by Louis L'Amour and because it reminded me of my father, who loved westerns, I picked it up. The paper is very discoloured with age and that makes the print easier to read. I'm pleased to now recommend "Hanging Woman Creek". Can't believe how much I enjoyed it.


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