Saturday 22 May 2021

Saturday Morning


It is Saturday morning here.  The sun is shining (sort of), and there is a gentle breeze and lots of clouds.  I can hear birds chirruping and a plane off in the distance, so it is all quite peaceful feeling.

We had an awesome sunset last night, such intense orange-red colours that I wondered if there was smoke in the atmosphere.  My photo barely does it justice.

Yesterday I dropped my large cake mixer off at a charity shop.  It is simply too heavy for me to lift now, and I seldom do any baking so it was time to move it on to someone else.

Naturally, I had to wander around the shop afterwards.  Retail Therapy is good for the soul!!

I spent a grand total of $21.50 and came home with: a long scarf, a book about cooking root vegetables, a Famous Five book, a book about decorating your home according to the seasons, a baby’s frock that I think will look good on one of my teddies, two old-style prints (one of spring fruits and the other of autumn) (already hanging up in my room!), a tin to use for a teabag caddy, a china figurine set of a couple enjoying a cup of tea, and a sweet little hand-blown blue glass bird.

After all that excitement, I called in on a sister-in-law and spent most of the rest of the day visiting with her.

Enjoy your weekend everyone,

Margaret 😊  


  1. Looks like you had good luck at the thrift shop! I donated my heavy mixer too for much the same reason... too heavy. Middle son just bought one but the new ones are not as heavy and ungainly
    ( and come in pretty colours).
    That was an amazing sunset!!!

  2. What a great morning's therapy, Margaret :) We had a very intensely red sunset last night too - My son got a photo of it, but I was involved with the children, so didn't get one.. This evenin's was pretty too, but with more blues and pinks
    Stay safe

  3. Hello,
    Beautiful sunset capture! You came home with some great treasures, the scarf is pretty. I could use another tea caddy. Take care, enjoy your new week!

  4. Seems to me that regular charity shop therapy would be a good thing!

  5. That was quite a haul for $21+. It sounds like a lovely day.

  6. What a sunset!!!

    "Red sun in the morning, sailors take warning...
    Red sun at night, sailors delight."

    Do you have that saying where you live?

    So good to get rid of items we no longer use. Makes space!

    Love those fruit prints.

    🌱🌺🌱"Blogs are little First Amendment machines."🌱🌺🌱

  7. Bonita esa puesta de sol. Un beso.

  8. That sunset is spectacular- even if that's not full justice to it. We've had some smoke here the last few days but no decent sunsets - just ash all over the place.

  9. Goodness! That was a well spent $21.00. It's been a while since I wandered around in a thrift shop. This makes me want to go. :) That sunset really is breathtaking!

  10. Sounds like you have great op shops where you live. I managed to get quite a few nice toys in good condition for youngest grand child in our local opshops, but often, no. In West Auckland last night the sky was the most beautiful pink. Not as dramatic as the above photo, but captivating, nevertheless.

  11. Oh my gosh, Famous Five! I loved them when I was a child. No one here has even heard of those books. Enjoy! Celie

  12. Fabulous looking sky.
    Looks like you got lots good finds at the charity shop.

  13. That's quite a haul for 20 odd dollars, Margaret. Lovely sunset!

  14. Stunning colors for sure - we never get that here.
    And wow for all the goodies!
    That sounds like fun times, so sad my SIL and I don´t get along that well.
    Happy weekend, a long one over here 😊

  15. Great finds in the charity shop. Never know what treasures you'll come out with!!

  16. Such a lovely sunset. You got so much nice things, a good "exchange" for the mixer :) I was delivering a lot of stuff at a charity shop this week too, but I didn't dare to enter the shop!!

  17. Great finds! I have a similar glass bluebird and I love it!

  18. Oh my daughter and I love op shopping, sometimes it becomes very dangerous with what we bring home.


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