Thursday 20 May 2021

It Is What It Is


First, thankyou my dear blog friends for all your wonderful supportive comments. 

We cannot change the way a person chooses to act or what they choose to say, but we can control the way we react to it.

I am learning that things are what they are, it is what it is, and one cannot go back and change things that have happened.  I need to have patience, love, and forgiveness in my heart, and continue on with my own life.

With that in mind, I have been spring-cleaning my bedroom (in the autumn!).  Son helped me move the bed and drawers around (they are getting too heavy for me to move by myself anymore) and I have hung pictures all over the walls.

They are all paintings and photos that I love and that have good memories attached to them, the type of pictures that make me smile when I look at them.

The aptly-named Hope River in Canterbury

With the sun moving lower in the skies it is again catching my crystals hanging in the windows – for most of the day I have little rainbows scattered across my room whenever the sun is shining. 

More happiness 😊

Margaret xx



  1. It's good to know you are coping with what life is handing you. It's not easy at best of times.

    I wonder why we only refer to Spring cleaning and not Autumn cleaning. Seems to me they are equally important (or not) depending on the standards of a person. For some reason this whole time of no one allowed in our homes has made me very relaxed about housework. When restrictions finally are lifted I think we'll only have people over late in the evening and maybe visit by candlelight.

  2. Sometimes the littlest change can cheer us up!

  3. This is a bitter-sweet post and you are so positive and strong. Well, maybe not bed- and drawer-moving-wise 😉 - you know what I mean. xx
    I have many a pic of my parents here, of travels we made, of Bro and Nieces... So glad we can have this.
    To rainbows. 🌈

  4. Do you know that part of North Canterbury well? F grew up in South Canterbury but has a feeling like she had some previous life in Mid-Canterbury's hill country. North Canterbury is where she started her working life and is a beautiful part of the country too. Good to read you have decided to choose to be happy.

  5. Patience, love and forgiveness are the key to a more peaceful life - so glad you have found that... and glad that you can let go and look at caring for yourself and ensuring you are encouraged by a cheerful environment.
    Stay safe

  6. It seems to me that the world needs lots of rivers of hope these days.

  7. Your room sounds like a haven. Enjoy!

    I am glad you have some perspective about the issues which saddened you, Margaret. It can take some time to get there.

  8. Little rainbows in your room sounds wonderful. I do hope things get easier for you to cope with. Seems like we all have things we have to deal with.

  9. Hope today it works to leave a comment...
    When it happens to me, I do some cleaning and new things in the house but a lot of cleaning, not even dust!

  10. Changing your bedroom around and cleaning sounds like the therapy you needed. Enjoy your paintings, photos and rainbows

  11. Me alegra saber que estas animada. Besos.

  12. So true about us being in control of how we react to things!!
    I always feel so good after getting a room all nice and clean!

  13. I'm sure with your positive attitude, Margaret, you will work your way through your current family concerns. Never an easy time.

  14. Thank you, that's a good reminder, I've been facing something similar lately too.

  15. As you said it is the way that we react that is something we can try and control. Again, I hope that everything improves for you and that the shadow passes with time.


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