Sunday 30 May 2021

Under The Weather


We watched Al Jazeera weather this morning and New Zealand was barely visible, having literally disappeared under a huge storm system that is currently covering most of the country.

The worst of the rain seems to be hitting Christchurch at the moment, with an extreme risk of flooding, and I am hoping all my friends there are coping alright. 

Our weather this last week has turned more wintery.  One day we even had heavy frost with thick fog, clearing to about 30 minutes of sunshine and followed by showers.

The night of the lunar eclipse we were lucky though, as the skies were crystal clear, and we were able to see the super blood moon – at least, I saw it with the shadow halfway across and the colour turning orange-red, and decided that was enough and went to bed!

Millie giving me cuddles

We have two cats in our household.  Usually I talk about Mittens, but her sister Millie is our mouser and gave me half a mouse for my breakfast this morning – it was not appreciated!

She has also taken to sleeping in my lounge chair, but when she found me sitting there decided it was time to curtail my screen-time and sat on my laptop instead.

Grrr, now my touchpad mouse won’t work and I have resorted to a ‘normal’ mouse.  She must have pushed something and I will have to get son onto it and get it reset.

Well that is one way to get me off the computer!

Hope everyone is having a happy weekend,

Margaret 😊


  1. I had to smile at your last photograph ...
    Yes, that is one way to get you off the computer!

    Sorry to read about the bad weather, I know you are approaching winter but hope the weather isn't too bad.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  2. Our grand-dog came in with a mouse in its mouth one day. He’s a great mouser too.

    Millie let you know what she wanted! Take care, Margaret.

  3. Cats seem to like computers or the people that use them! The weather has just been crazy the past few years:(

  4. A high of just 14° forecast here today. It has been sunny but is clouding over and showers forecast. It was too cloudy to see the blood moon.

  5. Millie looks so sweet giving you cuddles. That's a lovely picture.
    Sorry your weather has turned nasty. You were lucky to see part of the super Blood Moon. It was cloudy here and I tried again the following night but still more clouds. Today we had sunshine right from the start and tomorrow is forecast to be much the same.

  6. My cat Grace follows me around very vocal when she wants to sit on my lap, but I can only sit on one chair, cats are strange independent animals.

  7. Great weather for a fur muffler. As for keypads Millie seems to know precisely what they are for - getting the attention of the human. Xxx Mr T

  8. Yes, last week was really wintery, I agree.
    Love the photos of Millie, and how generous of her to share her breakfast - not!!
    Aren't cats bossy - my boy has just jumped up onto the bed and he tries to commandeer the laptop too... I'm wondering if the night is going to be cold, as he has come in to me this evening, where he has spent the last few nights out in the (cold) lounge on a chair there...
    Stay safe

  9. Hello,

    Cute photo of Millie and you cuddling. We could not see the lunar eclipse here, the sky was cloudy and we missed the full moon. We hare having a few cool and rainy days here. It should feel like summer. Take care, enjoy your day! I wish you a happy new week!

  10. Ohhh, hope your weather improves!

    What a difference, from our lovely Header.

    Ahhhhh, cats. They know how to tease us!!!!! -grin-

    Gentle hugs...

  11. Maybe Millie caught the computer mouse too? Here we have got summer temperatures at last. May has been a bit cold. I hope the rain wasn't too bad.

  12. You're really going into winter now! Keep smuggling with your cats

  13. Lovely to see your furry friend. Mine likes to sit on top of me if he can and hates it if I’m reading or using my ipad. Hope the weather improves soon. B x

  14. We are having hot weather now, but thunderstorm is arriving today!
    It will be back to rain. I hope there will not be flooding in your country. Keep warm!


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