Sunday, 27 September 2020

Daylight Saving


The clock on my car dashboard is finally reading the right time again!  At 2am this morning Daylight Saving kicked in and our clocks all went forward an hour.

It is difficult for me to alter the car clock, so all winter it has been reading incorrectly!  Computers and phones all switch over automatically and this morning we went round the house and manually corrected the Chiming Clock, the Kitchen Clock, and the Little Clock.

It usually takes me a few days to adjust my routines to Daylight Saving, but nature continues on regardless.  The bellbird still starts singing when the skies begin to lighten, the blackbirds still declare their boundaries at dawn, and this morning we had a thrush join in as well.

We have had some heavy rain here this morning, for the first time in a long time, and son has taken the opportunity to check all the gutterings (roof spouting) are working (he found one faulty join) and seeing where run-off from the new lawns is heading.

As the saying goes, it is a good day for ducks!

The rain is meant to clear after lunch and I will be heading over to my brothers.  Four of us are planning a road trip away near the end of October and we need to sort some of the details out.

Enjoy your weekend 😊




  1. Love the duck pictures and the cat looks so cozy.

    Hugs Diane

  2. I was forgetting for a second that you are on the opposite season from us...we will be turning our clocks back an hour November 1st. I like the kitty it Merlin?

  3. Our time change is early November. Wish it didn’t change any more though.

  4. Ha! My car clock is the same...right for half the year! It's also 4 minutes slow and that annoys me but I don't know how to set it so I live with it. There was talk of us staying permanently on DST but who knows what will be decided in the end. The decision will have to be made fairly soon because I think it was always in October that we changed our clocks.
    The one male Mallard has an unusually white neck. He really stands out.

    1. I think the Mallard may have crossed with a Muscovy - my guess!

  5. That view looks about the same as us earlier on.

  6. I heard thzt Greece was going to stop changing clocks but not sure when and imagine that will create time zone issues for travellers and people working with offices in neighbouring EU countries. However humans are nothing if not adaptable - we create a lot of what we have to adapt to. Mr T likes your stripy cat's bed - his has been a cardboard box for most of his years with us.

  7. Our clocks change end of October here, as the darkness descends all around us, so looking forward to cosy warm evenings at home together. BUT also looing forward to your spring photo's which keep me going through the cold wet dark days.

  8. Hello,
    I had to check my calendar to see when our clocks change, it is not till the end of October. Love the ducks, I guess they do not mind the rain. Cute kitty, he looks comfy. Enjoy your day, I wish you a great new week!

  9. It is raining here too, but here it is autumn rain. In Norway we will turn the clocks back an hour October 25. Each time for some years now, they say it will be the last time. But the decision does not seem to be coming. I think these days the world have so much to deal with in connection with the pandemic, so it will probably not be any change right now.

  10. I think it's time we stopped with the twice-yearly time change and permanently adopted one convention or the other. When I start to think how many devices in the house enable us to know what time it is, it is mind-boggling!

  11. I have a number of old windup striking clocks, so on changeover day there are lots of clocks to alter. But the easiest is the one in the car.... just push a button! The hardest part is remember in which button to press! Love the rain, we haven't had any for ages.

  12. Love love love the rain but it's been crazy here in the PI! Last Saturday it poured so strong and cooled everything which I loved but then Sunday oh my it's we're back in May! With the changes in weather, people get sick.

    Sending hugs to NZ!

  13. our phone clocks did the work themselves by switching over but we had to reset the other ones around the house, I found it a bit strange at first with the different lights at different times but didn't take long to get use to it.

  14. Oh, I hate this clock-changing thing (we´re due October 25th) - I feel for families with kids who just run nuts then. These days it doesn´t make a difference anymore, does it?!

    Love the rain pic!

  15. Lovely photo of your cat looking very regal. Curios to think you are going into summer as we enter autumn and winter. My sons car is like yours his clock is only correct for six months of the year! Have a lovely week. B x

  16. We have another month yet before we fall back...I am not a fan of change:) We have rain also!

  17. I still need to alter my car clock, but at least I do know ow to do it - got home today to discover my kitchen clock battery is dying, and that was up the creek, timewise! Could have done it last week before I changed it!
    The rain very was heavy here, and the wind mad... and I had to drive through it - challenging, but the car and I survived, thankfully
    Stay safe


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