Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Blue Cheese and Crackers


I never used to like sharp-tasting cheese, and especially disliked Blue Cheese.  An elderly family member used to love her Blue Cheese and it would smell out the whole room!  Put me off trying it for years.

Then, a couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to Creamy Blue Cheese and I loved it.  I don’t believe it is quite as sharp as true Blue Cheese (which I have still not tried!), but it goes really well with crackers for morning tea or as a pre-dinner nibble.

We continue to have typical spring weather here, with cool mornings and warmer days, the odd shower of rain, and a good covering of clouds in the sky.  The forecast is for us to reach a high of 18 degrees Celsius today after a 4 degree start.

This photo is from yesterday.

Today would have been our 47th wedding anniversary, so I am about to drive over to the cemetery (it takes about an hour) for some Quiet Time.  My parents, grandmother, and one of my brothers are also buried there.

Until next time,

Margaret 😊


  1. Forecast for 18 degrees here as well. It is a lovely sunny day and Doug is mowing the lawn while I cook up a batch of mince and vegies.

  2. I worked at a bakery that carried Blue cheese and actually like it, but never have it since I am the only one. I hope your visit to the cemetery goes okay.

  3. I like that sharpness of blue cheese. But as with all cheeses, some are better than others.

  4. Hugs for the significance of the day - we just made our 43rd anniversary, this year would have been our 47th also!
    it took me a long time to try blue chees too, but I love it, and now I am on my own, can eat it whenever I like :) (DH was not a fan)!
    Stay safe

  5. Its starting to get chilly here in NY State. Today is the first day of Autumn! My favorite time of year. I love blue cheese, but I'm the only one in my family that will eat it.

  6. Thinking of you today, Margaret and sending a hug across the planet.

  7. I've always loved blue cheese. I like it on my salad and it's great on burgers too! I know this is a hard day for you, but focus on the years of great memories you had together. xoxox

  8. I don't care for Blue cheese either, so I should try some creamy!

    ~sigh~ So sorry your Love is not still with you.

    Gentle hugs...


  9. Hello,
    I have not seen the Creamy Blue Cheese, I will look for it next shop trip. Sending hugs, I hope you are remembering many happy days. Take care, enjoy your day!

  10. Our sky today looks much like the one in your photo but tomorrow we're due for high winds and depending on which source you go by we'll get anywhere from 2 inches to 6. I do hope it's closer to 2. Luckily we have sandy soil and it soaks in relatively quickly.
    Hugs for you on this day of memories (((hugs))

  11. MMMMmmm blue cheese, love it! But you are right, the creamy kind is a little milder and is divine on crackers! I hope your visit to the cemetery was calm and restful and serene.

  12. Cheese is ambrosia for me, and blue cheese is at the pinnacle. I buy it, and enjoy it regularly. My absolute favourite is English Stilton, but Gorgonzola is a close second. Paired with a robust red wine there is nothing quite like it.

  13. Before i left nz about 25 years ago the only blue cheese available was Danish blue. I'm not surprised most people didn't like it. It's a challenging introduction to blue cheese, which i prefer to use if i need a blue cheese flavour in cooking. To eat? A mature Stilton without question. They go from fresh and crumbly to almost spreadable. The French make some very good veined cheeses, but for me Stilton is the pinnacle of blue cheese. I used to treat myself to Stilton cut from the round at Neils Yard close to where Ì worked at London Bridge. Heaven with preserved quince paste.

  14. That sounds like Harz-cheese my Dad used to eat, the smell made me gag. And now? I prepare it every night for Hubby´s work and love it myself!
    Blue Cheese... not yet, though.
    Oh. 47th sad one, I am so sorry. I couldn´t make myself visit my parent´s grave yesterday, despite my Brother offered.

  15. Sometimes quiet time in a cemetery is good for the soul:)


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