Tuesday, 1 December 2020

The First Day Of Summer


The first day of December, the first day of summer, the first day of the last month of this strange year.  Who would have thought twelve months ago that 2020 was going to turn out the way it did.

I have been spring cleaning – a bit late in the season but better late than not at all.  I have only been doing my bedroom (that’s enough!) and it seems to be taking ages.

All the furniture got moved around into their summer settings – the best place for my bed is under one of the windows but in the winter too much cold came through the glass so I moved the bed.  It is now back beneath the window.  Of course, when the bed is moved all the drawers need moving as well so that everything can fit.

Yay - it's summer!

I don’t mind having a winter and summer setting for my furniture.  I like to make seasonal changes in the décor – they may not be big things but they just add a little something and help one stay in touch with the rhythm of nature.

Every drawer has been gone through and I have discarded about half of my clothes.  Most were either worn out or no longer fitted nicely, but some were perfectly good only I didn’t like them.  I finally came to the decision that I never wore them because I disliked them, so what was the point in keeping them?

I am not a minimalist by any means but there is something very comfortable about not owning too many things.  I can now see everything I have stored in my wardrobe, and I know all my clothes fit me and look good.  And my bedroom is all clean, ready for the hot summer months ahead.

Stay happy 😊



  1. In terms of clothing I suspect that many people have far too much. My wardrobe is pretty meagre I can tell you, and that suits me just fine. I could happily wear the same comfortable clothes all the time (laundered of course) and style and fashion have little space in my world. It is winter here, and I have three really good, warm shirts and I wear them all through the cold season. Why would I need or want anything else?

  2. Happy Summer to you!!!!

    It is so interesting... Your Dec. ushers in warmth. Ours, cold.

    Wonderful to have gotten rid of all the clothes, you do not love.

    Simplicity is not minimalism.

    Having just what we love, is not minimalism.

    It's Wisdom!!!!

  3. Want to come do my house???? I am not a hoarder, but I sure have a lot of stuff! I have gotten rid of so much stuff, but I want to get rid of more. I so would love to have less to take care of. Except my fabric...there I am a hoarder!

  4. Wish I could gut my closet like you did, Margaret. Well done!

  5. Its going to be nice having fresh air come through the window come Summer when it's hot and humid. I'm not looking forward to it but like you I have been having a cleanout of my clothes, its funny seeing what I've bought meaning to wear but somehow it seems to make me wonder why I bought it in the first place so my daughter and I have a box of stuff for the local op shop.

  6. Well done on the spring clean and clothes sorting.

  7. Good for you going through your wardrobe and getting rid of things you no longer wanted. I've done that to some extent but now I would like to add some items. Unfortunately many shops have closed their fitting rooms so it's impossible to try anything on. I don't like the idea of buying anything before I know what it looks like on me.

  8. Oh my goodness, that photo of you is amazing! What a beautiful rock formation and a beautiful lady standing under it.
    Happy Summer!

  9. That was a fabulously uplifting post - and I bet as you wrote it you never thought you would get that comment. There is something really refreshing about 'life-laundry', and even the understanding that moving he furniture can create a new environment, a seasonal mind-set. Mr T want's to know what Mittens thinks about moving the furniture around. We moved his condo indoors for the 'winter' - such as we have winter. From now on the winds whip off the sea and dump a lot of loose debris and salt on the front balcony. He has to make do with a smaller satellite dish bed out there for his brief periods of winter sunbathing. xxx F

  10. Well done Margaret! I have had a huge purge prior to moving, and there is more to be done yet - this weekend is approaching way too fast!!
    What a typical first day of summer we have had - lots of wind, a bit of rain (although it teemed overnight) and sun. At least it was reasonably warm :)
    Stay safe

  11. A great sense of achievement, well done. Sadly only one place my bed can go in the bedroom but our sitting room regularly gets a move around. How lovely to have summer to look forward to:) B x

  12. Nothing beats a good sort out, like you I have passed on everything I would not wear, it's lovely to be able to see everything in your wardrobe.

  13. Hello,
    I enjoy moving the furniture around, it seems to refresh the area? I have donated a lot of my old clothes I wore to work, since I retired. Love the photo, yay for summer! Take care, enjoy your day!

  14. I threw out a load of clothes that were old and worn out this year too, but sadly there are still items in the closet that I haven't worn for ages but "I might need one day"! But with the pandemic shut downs, I seem to have spent the year in Tshirts and jeans, never needing to wear any smart clothes.

  15. Hello Margaret on the other hand ... greetings to you. Winter starts here with us and yesterday we had the first snow, it looks beautiful outside with the white splendor and in the evening the lights and stars of Advent. It's so nice to read your blog about the late spring cleaning ... oh yes I should go through my closets too :-))) Have a fabulous time ... the photo is great. Thank you.
    Have a nice summer.

  16. I should get rid of much of my closet! I love old worn comfy clothing:)


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