Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Supermarket Chaos


Two days of shopping left before Christmas, counting today which is already half gone.  All schools are now on summer break and most service industries are closing up for the next two to three weeks.

That is a lot of people wanting to go on holiday all at the same time – not only do late gifts and Christmas food need to be bought, but also everything that might be wanted to take away on holiday.

The result is total retail chaos, and this is nowhere more obvious than at the supermarket.  Son and I went there this morning at 8am and the place was already packed out.  Thankfully we were still able to find a carpark.

Patience is needed to shop in conditions like this – one has to cope with scarcity of available carparking, crowds of shoppers with trolleys, school children running riot, lots of store workers putting out fresh goods, queues at all the check-outs.

There was no social distancing and no masks being worn.  It was just like a 'normal' Christmas, only busier, and certainly did not have a joyous feel about it.    

The supermarkets are closed on Christmas Day and then will be open again.  Next week should be much quieter!

We bought only what we will need for the next few days and have no intention of joining the hordes of holiday-makers on the roads, most of whom will be heading for a beach somewhere on our lengthy coastline.

On a brighter note, in the middle of the supermarket carpark is a small flowering Pohutukawa tree.  It is often called the Christmas Tree as its unusual red flowers always appear at this time of the year.

The tree had several honey bees visiting it, totally oblivious to all the rush going on around them.

Don’t you just love nature?

Margaret 😊


  1. No social distancing and no masks? Are they not required? Here the masks certainly are although the distancing is much less observed. We went to Walmart this morning and just the regular number of shoppers were there. No line-ups at the tills. We were pleasantly surprised.
    Your blooming shrub looks very festive with its red blooms
    I hope your Christmas is a happy one. I think you mentioned being gone that day. Take care.

    1. New Zealand has had no community cases of Covid for several weeks now as they are all being contained at the border. We are required to wear masks when flying, and on public transport in some areas, but not otherwise. Distancing and tracking your movements are recommended but not required. I think we, as a whole, are becoming very smug and complacent about this virus and that makes me concerned.
      Yes, I am joining my brother and wife for Christmas lunch. Looking forward to it :)

  2. Last night we realised we were out of honey so we went to our local New World this morning - got there just after 7 a.m. and, although there were quite a few cars we got through quickly and, as we only had a few items (more than just the honey) we got through quickly with no hassles. Lovely pohutakawa.

  3. The pohutukawa is gorgeous. Very festive and rightly called the NZ Xmas tree.
    I wouldn't have liked that Xmas crush at all. 8am and packed. Crazy
    Enjoy your Xmas day

  4. Beautiful pohutukawa. I feel quite homesick for a simpler Christmas that doesn't involve quite so much 'conforming'. The expectations associated with Christmas make it a heavy burden sometimes. In my childhood family, Dad cooked Christmas dinner. His view was Mum cooked every other dinner and was allowed this day off at least. Christmas dinner was simple but a change from our usual sheep farm fare: cold ham from a joint cooked a few days ahead. He served it with regular stuff from the garden, new spuds, garden peas, lettuce salad and love.
    I shed the load of expectation a few years ago when told by mil that my efforts were 'not Christmas'. (I think I'd cooked a crown rack of lamb that year.... if it ain't turkey it ain't Christmas for some people.) We're having casseroled rabbit this year. Mr B is cooking and Mr T is currently contemplating the head. 🙀 Have a great Christmas, and a happy, healthy znd prosperous New Year.

  5. I love the New Zealand Christmas tree and how wonderful not to need masks when shopping.
    Hope you all stay safe down there and have a wonderful sunny Christmas.

  6. Lovely to see your colourful Christmas tree. Nothing like we have at home. I avoid all the big stores this week and just go to my local store. It always seems quiet which is good. Hope you have a good Christmas. B x

  7. It's busy in supermarkets here, with the virus and France closing their borders with UK, it all adds up to a nightmare, I got out on my normal Monday trip, which was busier than normal, now all the supermarket carparks are full. We are not going out anywhere.

  8. Hello,
    The flowering tree is gorgeous. We have to go to the food store today, I hope it is not too crowded. Take care, enjoy your day! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. I know that New Zealand has done a great job in containing the virus, but I am a little surprised that masks and social distancing have been abandoned already. Here in Ontario, the incidence of seasonal flu is way down, and that is being attributed to mask wearing. I plan to continue wearing mine in crowded stores etc even after the pandemic is over.

  10. Ih I so love that Christmas Tree...those flowers are beautiful. I need to get a couple more things at the grocery and I sure dread going.

  11. The tree flowers are beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. That sounds scary!!!!!

    We do order on line, and pick up at curb... for bulk of groceries.

    Things we have to get, in a different grocery store, we go when they open, and few people are there. Masks are worn, by everyone. And social distancing is maintained. Mostly... People have to pass in isles but with hardly anyone in the store, it is taken care of.

    No lines to check out... so early.

    No traveling for us. Not even to family. We are too old to take chances. -smile-

    Enjoy your Christmas.

    Very pretty flower! Adorned with bees!!!

  13. That is one beauty of a flower!
    I have not been inside a store in months. I order online and pickup curbside.
    I ordered a few gifts from etsy and amazon...I don't like shopping for gifts I mostly wrote checks:)
    No mask and no social distancing...sounds scary to me.


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