Friday, 19 August 2022

The Cycle Of Life


Covid has been responsible for many things.  Today I had personal experience of one of them, when I attended a Memorial Service for a much loved family member who passed away twelve months ago today.

At that time, the country was in various states of lock-down, there were restrictions on gatherings, and vaccination mandates were the order of the day.  With a widely scattered family, the decision was made to dispense with a funeral and have a memorial service instead, at a time when all would be able to attend.

Funeral or Memorial Service, it was always going to be a sad occasion.  When someone close to us dies, they take a little something of us with them – and leave a little something of themselves behind with us. 

It is never easy, but death is part of life and the cycle continues on.  I came home this afternoon and received a photo of New Life – a niece has just had a scan for the baby she is expecting in February.  I am thrilled for her and her partner, as I know they will make great parents.

Life is like a beautiful rose – first the bud, then the bloom, and finally, the petals start to fall ….




  1. You are right. You would think the older we get we would understand such a lose better but it seems to get harder.

  2. My sympathy to you and your family:(

  3. Oh Margaret - I do love the way you look at life with the rose analogy - a bittersweet day for you.
    We have two in the house with 'long' covid - it certainly is not something to be trifled with!

  4. Funerals and memorial services are sad even when the person lived a long life. I'm sorry for your loss but glad you could attend the service at long last. How bittersweet that your extended family lost one dear one and will gain another.

  5. Ive been feeling a bit vulnerable over family loss lately and your post came at a good time to identify with all that you say. F

  6. You're so right, life is a cycle. There is a season for all things, a season to be born, a season to be young, a season to marry and have a family and a season to leave this life. I believe in eternal life and I am looking forward to a season of eternal life with Jesus.

    1. I heard it described today as entering the Valley of Joy - I thought that was rather nice :)

  7. People live and people die. Beyond that there is really not much more to it.

  8. You certainly experienced the circle of life, Margaret! Sad but hopeful too.

  9. And then, there is just... the hip.

    Not an easy thought, to bring home, as personal. But ... the facts...

    Guess we just have to try to have as much joy and contentment and peace of mind, along the way, as possible. especially, near the end.

    Gentle hugs

  10. I like your rose analogy, Margaret. A lovely way to look at life - and the end of it. I'm glad your family got to have a memorial service for their loved one.

  11. I truly adore how you always manage to see the positive things.
    My Mum would say you´re an optimist.
    Me, she called a pessimist,but I consider myself a scared realist - who learns also from you.
    To the new rose... ummm... baby! x

  12. What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing these wonderful and nourishing words with us all.

  13. The Covid has kept us locked up for a time that seemed never to end.
    From a very distant place, Argentina, I am enjoying some of the posts you have written and they make me know a little about the place where you live

  14. It's the circle of life. Covid is still doing the rounds here in Greymouth, months later it seems than when it first hit Northland.

  15. A well worded post for a sad time...thinking of you and wishing you something that will lift your spirits; your garden perhaps?


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