Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Keeping Busy


What better activity in lock-down is there, than to clean everything in sight!

Our neighbour started it.  First the net curtains were all taken down and washed, then the windows scrubbed, and the whole room was turned out before they moved to the next room.

When the sun shines they are outside, hosing down the exterior of the house and pottering around in their garden.  I even saw the wires on the clothes line get given a wiping over.

It started off another neighbour.  Over the last few days they have pulled almost everything out of their garage and are obviously sorting it out and generally tidying up.

I should explain, I am not simply being nosey!  We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and it is impossible not to notice what each other of us is doing.  Our houses are not so close together that we can reach out our windows and touch each other, but they are still only metres apart.

Always make time to sit in the garden and be happy

Anyway, it has started me off cleaning as well!  I’m calling it an early Spring Clean, especially as spring officially starts in around a week’s time.

The kitchen got a good clean not so long ago, but I have started there again and have thrown quite a few items out.  Surprisingly, it makes quite a bit of difference when there is only two people to provide for instead of three.

Do you have any favourite activity to do during stay-at-home lockdown?

Margaret 😊



  1. I've been sewing more masks ... sewing and unpicking I should say! Certainly more cleaning than usual has also got done too. There's no excuse to ignore little things I notice these days.
    Keep safe.

  2. Aahhh welcome to the lockdown clear out. Charity shops in UK were overwhelmed with donations when lockdown ended.

  3. Hi Margaret - I am getting more walking in, and more stitching on a canvas work project, also more cards are being made...
    I currently can't do much in the way of housework as I fell just before lockdown and it feels as though I may have broken a rib... again. I did that last year too and broke three ribs that time, would you believe!! Quite uncanny really as on both occasions we were in lockdown within a week....
    Stay safe

    1. Oh dear, Maxine - you will really have to stop tumbling over so we can stop going into lock-down! LOL
      Stay safe, and hope your rib heals up soon :) xx

  4. I cleaned my way through lockdown and sorted loads, it's lovely to have enough time to do a good job. So when summer comes you can relax and enjoy the sunny days without worrying about cleaning. Do remember to have time for doing the things you love as well.

  5. The other I days I dusted off all my books, wiped down the shelves, took everything off my desk and cleaned it, dusted and wiped all my bird carvings, wiped the top of the picture frames, and my office is shining and pristine. I really have to try better to resist these silly urges!

  6. Here we are not in lockdown, but nothing would change much for us since I am home almost all the time anyway.

  7. We were always able to go out for exercise during lockdown here. The cleaning sounds like a good way to pass the time 5ough.

  8. We are not on lock down over here but I have been wanting to take a room at the time and really clean out. Just can't seem to get started. :) Sometimes I wake up during the night and think about cleaning out and hauling off from closets and under the beds. Summer is about over so I may wait until it cools off a bit.

  9. I'm such a stay-at-home person that I hardly noticed the lock down. I used to clean my house a lot more thoroughly than I do nowadays. Maybe once the weather turns cold I'll feel more inspired to clean.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  10. Sew with the sewing machine, design everything, e.g. small or larger bags - cooking, baking, reading, watching films - like old films :-)))
    Greetings to you. Viola. We are here with us at the end of midsummer.

  11. Glad you are keeping busy during these difficult times. Hopefully your lock down won’t last long. B x

  12. I felt a strange urge to make Christmas gifts and put it down to lockdown which is weird as lockdown is not much different to any other time for me. I did get started on my Christmas gifts though!

  13. We all drive nuts here, huh. I found Christmas gifts on the streets, I practically need not to go shopping this year (not good for local business, though! But having no job...)... A wonderful book on Santa, one on Christmas cookies etc, etc, it´s crazy! I gave away a cool (noisy!) clock, books... I found games... so many things, some I took, some I left for others. Or added.

  14. Gosh you have been busy but I do like white netted curtains looking nice and clean, they get so mouldy easily. I've been trying new recipes here like thai fish cakes and new york cheesecake, no doubt they won't last long around here lol

  15. I did the same as you do to keep busy during our lockdowns. Many tidying and cleaning and also cooking!


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