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Sunday, 29 August 2021

What Did You Say?


Another week has whizzed by, leaving me wondering what I’ve done all week!

I suppose I have achieved some things – several cupboards in the kitchen have been rearranged, my recipe book is being overhauled, and I have watched a few movies on Netflix (does that rate as an achievement? LOL).

Kiritehere Stream near Marakopa

We did have one good giggle during the week. 

Chris Hipkins, our Covid Response Minister (who is also the Minister of Education), made a huge faux pas when speaking live at a televised press conference.

He said, “It is a challenge for people in high density areas to get outside and spread their legs when they are surrounded by other people.” 

Apparently it was a totally innocent remark (he meant “stretch your legs”), but the press and social media have been having a field day with it.  The memes that have proliferated have caused a lot of laughter around the country.

We have appreciated the light relief in the middle of lock-down 😊

Have a happy week everyone,



  1. I do hope your media is not just headlining all the negative side like here in UK, it's still all dome and gloom. They are unable to say how well things are happening in the rush to get this virus under control, only the bad news sells here. A laugh is always welcome.

  2. Yes, that was one major faux pas - and the light relief was most welcome...
    That photo brought back memories for me, as when I young we would often go as a family out to the coast to fish, and that was one of the areas we went to... I grew up in Te Kuiti
    I have done even less than you, I think - I have done some stitching and made some cards, but that is about the sum total of my activity this past week
    Stay safe

  3. His unintended comment even made the news here. Everybody is booking flights to New Zealand now!

  4. Nice of him to distract everyone and provide them with a new meme...

  5. Lots of chuckles during lockdown. We had to hold on to something…

  6. Thanks for the chuckle!! Poor man; it will take a week or so until he lives this one down.

  7. Chuckle. It is such an interesting time - fraught, yes, but interesting

  8. I think I spend a lot of time just passing time. That's what I'm doing right now awaiting the announcement from the Pulpit of Truth. Wondering if there will be some justification for keeping us in the north under lockdown.

  9. Hello,
    It is good to have a chuckle, during these frustrating Covid times. I keep positive thinking, it is best to be safe than sorry. Take care, have a great new week!

  10. Ha ha! It is good to get something to laugh about! I am sorry to hear that New Zealand is hard hit by the Covid now. Stay safe and take care!

  11. You gave me the first. Huckleberry of the day....thank-you.


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