Thursday, 5 August 2021

And Rain Shall Not Stop Them


I have great respect and admiration for arborists, especially after learning how gruelling their training can be.

Not only do they need to be fit for such a physically demanding job, but they also need to have extensive knowledge about trees and a comprehensive understanding of their equipment and how to remain safe while using it.

This morning, after having a gorgeously sunny day yesterday, we have constant rain with the occasional heavier bouts.  But that never stopped these workmen.

They climbed their trees and trimmed the branches, even though it was raining, and the ground crew put the dropped limbs through their mulcher.

I was afraid they were going to take down all the trees but thankfully they have not – at least at this stage!

Sorry for not being that ‘present’ online at the moment.  I seem to be having a bit of down-time from the computer – too much TV viewing of Olympics perhaps?

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a happy week 😊



  1. Yes they have dangerous work! We have not watched the Olympics very much...a little...I watched some diving last night:)

  2. They are very big trees. Glad they were just being trimmed

  3. A few years ago our next door neighbour had several very tall evergreens cut down. We arranged lawn chairs so we could watch and we also were impressed with how organized and efficient it all was. Luckily it was not a wet day!

  4. Here they cut down branches two weeks ago, too. But much, much smaller trees. Yikes is that hight up and then in slippery weather!
    Enjoy the Olympics πŸ˜€

  5. It's certainly an art, watching arborists - quite amazing! Glad to hear the trees were trimmed and not felled. The weather change was certainly a shock to the system!!
    Enjoy the Olympics - I have not watched at all, but have kept track online.
    Stay safe

  6. We’ve watched the arborists here too. Not an easy job for sure. One such company is called Branch Manager.

  7. With those wires nearby, they are probably just trimming branches, which might fall on wires. I hope.

    Yes, a tough job!!!

    Hope your blogging mojo comes back soon. Pretty Blog Land seems a little slow. Hope we all don't fall into a slump. EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!


  8. NZ is doing incredibly well at the Olympics. They are giving awesome performances. Im following them on Instagram, NZTeam. Their spirit, and their hakas are incredible. So many medals for such a small country. Go Kiwis Go.
    I have a nephew who is an aborist. I've seen some photos of him up the top of trees lopping off branches. You need nerves of steel

  9. I'm scared of heights so you wouldn't get me up there. Hasn't Lisa Carrington done well?

  10. I'm loving watching the Olympics too - everyone is doing so well considering they've had to wait a year and get back to top form just at the right time.

  11. Challenging work in rain, and that is a seriously large tree (or is it trees?) judging by the scale they provide. Are they eucalypts?

    1. It is a clump of trees. They look like some type of fine-needled pines, but not 100% sure on that.

  12. I am always scared when they cut our trees. They will come this autumn. Last year they had to cut a big tree down which was too close to our house and it was so scary!

  13. I think you could add brave to the arborists list of skills! Glad you enjoyed the Olympics!


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