Monday, 7 June 2021

Warm And Cozy


The last couple of days have been rather dreary, with very little sunshine and lots of rain.  It has not been that cold though, but a warm lazy fire seems to cheer everything up around it. 

Many years ago (sometimes I feel old!), I spent a few years living in a house with no electric cooking facilities.  We had a coal range to use (it also heated all our hot water).  The warmth that old range put out had a special quality about it, seeping into the bones like nothing else did. 

I used to be amazed at any visitors we received as they used to gravitate towards the range and stand with their backs to it.

Not the best of photos but all I have - got to love that 1970s wallpaper!

I used my spiralizer again tonight and cooked up a mushroom stir-fry with ribbon carrots and courgettes, plus cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, celery and noodles – all made tasty with some soy sauce and sesame oil.  Grand-daughter even went back for seconds!

It has been a holiday in New Zealand today (Queens Birthday weekend) but the day has gone by the same for us as every other day does.

Wishing everyone a very happy and productive week ahead 😊



  1. Nothing beats a coal fire, these days a real flame gas fire. In the winter months I can be found sitting against a warm radiator.

  2. If your granddaughter went back for seconds of veggies that's a red letter day! The spiralizer is working its magic!

  3. Love the differences... We are celebrating all the greens and flowering of Summer. You are hunkering close to your heat source. All in the Wheel Of The Year.

    And your spirals look so cute!!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  4. I love a fire on a cold winter night. We are at 30+ C. Not my favourite temperature.

  5. Your spiralizer stir fry sounds wonderful. It was a good buy

  6. There is something missing from that fireplace photo - where are the furballs that normally gravitate to the mat in front of fireplaces? MOLLY, MITTENS, you are missing a trick there!

    1. When hubby and I had cats they always loved the warmth of the fire, but these two don't. Mittens, especially, is terrified of it - when she has to go past she does a Belly Slink as fast as she can. Strange :)

  7. Sometimes the things from the past are better than the things from today. I remember in the first house I purchased with my ex husband having a wet back attached to our fireplace, that thing put out a huge amount of heat but it saved us so much power.

  8. I had a coal range and loved it - the house was old and draughty, but never did we feel cold in the winter, and oh the hot water!!
    Yes, the days have been bleak and cool, and a fire is wonderful to chase the blues away.
    Your dinner sounds wonderful - and very healthy!
    Stay safe

  9. I think I'll take a look at those spiralizers. Maybe we'd eat more veggies then.

  10. Nothing beats a "proper" fire in my book. Always feel warmer and cozier when near one. Your new toy makes veggies look really appealing.

  11. Hmmm, yum, and cozy - here it warmed up!
    And I like your new banner.

  12. Estar sentada alrededor del fuego es muy gratificante, me encanta. Besos.

  13. When I was growing up we always had a Rayburn.... coal burning on one side, oven on the other side, hot plate on top for boiling water, tank at the back for domestic hot water, And the house was always warm..... even in the summer when you didn't want it to be warm!


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