Sunday 13 June 2021

A Lazy Holiday Weekend


I could just call it being lazy, but it sounds better if I say I have been on holiday!

I am once again house and pet sitting for one of my brothers and his wife, while they are away on a road trip, and decided to have a thoroughly lazy weekend.

I made a special trip to the supermarket on Friday and came home with enough ready-made meals to last me the whole weekend.

This smoked salmon salad was what I had for dinner last night (tonight it will be roast beef and veggies, Friday night was a mince potato-top pie).

Not all my food has been “healthy” – I also bought Mallowpuff (chocolate and marshmallow) biscuits and a couple of small microwaveable chocolate steam puddings. 

Mandarins are healthy though!  The Satsumas are now in the stores and I love their juicy sweetness and the way they are so easy to peel, although later in the season they are inclined to lose their sweetness – that is when it is time to switch to the normal mandarins.

The last few days have been full of fog and drizzle, so I have chosen a cheerful picture to remind me that summer is never too far away.

Sunshine near Cape Reinga

Remember, happy thoughts make for happy days 😊



  1. Sounds so idyllic, Margaret. I'm all for easy food, too.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend... of course you are on holiday!! :) I happen to rather like those steam puddings too.
    Yes. we do need sunny photos to cheer those grey days away! I did get out into the garden yesterday afternoon, despite it being a grey day, and I got quite a bit done, and felt the better for it!
    Stay safe

  3. Through the internet and blogging enjoy our summer photo's, each winter here I love to see your summer photo's, knowing the sun is elsewhere and still wonderful helps on cold wet days.

  4. The idea of not making a meal from scratch every time is suddenly really appealing. That salad looks great. The view with the flax stems is absolutely magnificent, nothing epitomizes NZ more for me than that unmistakable shape of the flax flowers.

  5. Your smoked salmon looks delicious. For breakfast I sometimes have lox and cream cheese on a bagel. I should have had it this morning. The cereal was at its end and mostly I got crumbs and dust!

  6. Your meals sounds great. I would like the treats you chose as well.

  7. Sounds like you will be "On Island Time," for the time being! Perfect!!!!

    😊 💒 😊

  8. Three cheers for those mighty ready made meals. Best way to go!
    As for mallowpuffs . Omg. They are one of the first things I make a beeline for in the supermarket when I return . Love 'em!

  9. Nothing like spoiling yourself with some easy, tasty meals.

  10. Sounds like a treat being in a different place, having different from the usual meals, and generally getting to relax and read or whatever you want to do. Enjoy every minute!!

  11. Well you are almost on holiday...some place different!

  12. La ensalada se ve muy bien. Feliz noche.

  13. Fun so many bloggers had fish! Even us (and I don´t actually like fish!).
    Summer is here... I´ll share it with you, if you like 😘

  14. Smoked salmon salad is a staple with me although generally my salmon is smoked and eaten in fillets not sliced. Seeing the photo of Cape Reinga made me rather nostalgic.

  15. Change of location - change of eating habits. Makes sense to me. Sounds like you made the most of your weekend away. Love your photo from Cape Reinga!

  16. Your salad does look nice.
    I do like your last photograph of the sunshine near Cape Reinga ...
    Hope your weather cheers up a little soon.

    All the best Jan

  17. The smoked salmon salad looks very yummy indeed. I'm going on a similar "holiday" soon, babysitting the farm and the chickens for my son and DIL and family for a weekend.

  18. Hey, nothing wrong with being lazy, sometimes it's good to simply vegetate.


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