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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Summer Fruit


One thing I adore about summer is the abundance of summer fruit available in the shops.  Plentiful at the moment are peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, blueberries, cherries, watermelon, and even some new-season apples.

This year there seems to be more fruit around than ever, and a lot of it is at very reasonable prices.  I am wondering if this is because the export market has been slowed down, with Covid causing disruptions to shipping and cargo flights, and so growers are leaving their product on the domestic market.

There are some avocadoes in this bowl as well

One of my cousins owns an apple orchard and they recently suffered a severe hail storm in their district that damaged a lot of fruit.  I’ve heard of this happening in other areas as well, and it means the fruit is not suitable for export but is often still perfectly edible.  Perhaps this is another reason for this year’s abundance.

Whatever the reason, I am making the most of it!

The delicious juicy taste of summer

We have had another warm day today but it has come with lots of cloud cover so it hasn’t been too bad.  The lawns are starting to dry out, mostly because they are new and the grass is not yet fully established.  Next year will be better.

Mittens has been sitting outside a lot, in the shade on the grass, trying to keep cool with all her fluffy black fur.  I had to photograph her though when she did this sphinx impersonation for me.

Mitten's version of a sphinx

Stay happy and smile at someone you love 😊



  1. Yes, I too am loving the fruit - the best part of summer!! Love Mittens and her sphinx pose :)
    Stay safe

  2. I agree Margaret, there's a lot of fruit available at present - it's a shame most of us stopped bottling twenty (or more like thirty!) years ago. The effort of reassembling the jars and lids, and the kerfuffle of sterilising puts me off doing it again. Some fruit freezes well, so that's an option.

  3. This morning we came home with peaches, nectarines, Louisa plums, bananas and new season's apples. Yum. Our own peaches shouldn't be too far away. Fingers crossed.

  4. That's very good advice Margaret. Enjoy your fruit it looks delicious!

  5. I would love to have about a dozen juicy peaches! Your photos makes everything look so tasty! Mittens is such a handsome cat. Even if a female, blacknandcwhite kitties are

  6. Mittens sure is a cutie.

    The summer fruit is always so good. Enjoy!

  7. Hello,
    I love most fruits, they look delicious. Mittens is cute. Take care, have a great weekend.

  8. Por aquí es invierno y todavía falta para esas frutas. Saludos.

  9. Fresh fruit is one of life's greatest pleasure.

  10. I'm envious of all your luscious fruit which looks wonderful. This past summer fruit was less plentiful here because migrant pickers couldn't come from wherever they usually come from. Mexico probably. Covid even managed to mess the fruit harvest up too.

  11. I like your new header!
    OK, my mouth is watering.
    I once lived with a sphinx! A golden one, right at the entrance of the stairs when I was into flat sharing. Not half as cute as Mittens, though!
    Taking off to give a smile 😁 If a frosty one, -6C and the snow just won´t stop.

  12. Hi Mittens - sauve pose. We like your sneakers. F says tell your mum she is envious of the stone fruit and we go out and grin at strangers (just for fun and to make them grin too). It makes them wonder what sort of catnip you're on. Xxx Mr T


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