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Friday, 12 February 2021

A Morning Walk


I dropped granddaughter off at school this morning and stopped by at the Lake on my way home.

There were already several vehicles parked up, with lots of people out walking and jogging – we don’t need to social distance, but there was more than enough space for everyone to be apart.

I decided to take the top path this morning.  It was cool and pleasant beneath the trees and I enjoyed my solitary walk.

There are always ducks and pukeko around the lake, but I also got to see coots, doves, sparrows, a couple of shy blackbirds (they may be moulting), and a single fantail.

These ducks and pukeko were enjoying the sun and totally ignoring all the people going past them.

It is Friday today, the end of another working week and we are almost half way through February already.  The year seems to be going by quite quickly.

Time now for a mid-morning cup of tea 😊



  1. You have a lovely lake and walking area. Your header photo is a beauty and reminds me of Grant Woods' paintings of rounded hills.

  2. A pleasant walk around the lake sounds like a fine tonic for any day. I would have enjoyed being with you.

  3. That sounds and looks like such a pleasant place for a walk...and looks wonderful. It is so cold and dark and dreary here.

  4. Your walk sounds great. We stayed in today as it felt like -23 C.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to take a walk. I also enjoy walking alone.

  6. wow what a lovely place, neat scenery - enjoy your cup of tea :-)

  7. Hard for me to believe we are almost half way through February already! Looks like a perfect spot for a morning walk.

  8. I really enjoy reading about your life in beautiful NZ. Today in Washington State, the annual winter wind that comes fm British Columbia blew down our Austrian pine AND blew the skylight off our house...what can I say. Reading about your peaceful morning walk was just what I needed. Thank you

    1. Oh dear, that does not sound good - I hope you can get the skylight fixed quickly. I'm glad my walk helped you feel a bit better :)

  9. Looks so nice and warm there! And green too! Nice place to go for a walk!

  10. Such a lovely spot for a morning walk. Lucky you!

  11. You have lovely walking spots there.

  12. Sounds like you had a peaceful walk and a fine summer day. Here we had very strong winds (we're directly north of Washington State and no doubt it was our nasty wind that did the damage to Lorraine's pine and skylight.)

  13. F's living her trip home this year vicariously through blogs like yours. She's dead homesick and more than a bit envious of your normal lives. Fz & Pz Mr T

  14. The lake is certainly a beautiful spot - I sometimes have retreated there if I have a couple of appointments in the city with time between them. The birds are quite accustomed to people around.
    I ended up with 5 ducklings on my front lawn late yesterday - turns out the were escapees from two doors up :)
    Stay safe

  15. Lovely lovely lovely. Wonderful photos. You live in a South sea paradise

  16. Your walk looks lovely. It is interesting to hear about the different birds. Many of them are new to me, and I have to find them on Google and learn about them :)

  17. You always have the most beautiful header pictures. That is such a beautiful lake and place to walk. Hope you have a nice weekend. February is going by fast.

  18. Children are in school!

    No need for social distancing!

    Do you realize how BLESSED you are??????????????!!!!!!!??????

    Lucky you!!!

    And what a lovely walk!

    πŸ’• πŸ’“ πŸ’— πŸ’– πŸ’— πŸ’“ πŸ’•

  19. Hello
    What a lovely spot for a walk, beautiful scenes and photos! Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!

  20. Oh, lucky you :-)
    Lockdown extended. Great pictures, too! xx


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