Wednesday 7 February 2024

Cicadas and Crickets


We are now one week into the “last month of summer” and it is becoming obvious.  All day we have cicadas singing in the trees and all night we have crickets singing in the lawn.

The place is becoming quite noisy!

This cicada, no doubt in search of a willing mate, spent some time chirruping from the perch of our deck umbrella.  I have no idea whether the serenades were successful or not.

There are no safety catches on my bedroom windows, so I dislike having them open during the night.  However, last night the room was quite stuffy so I opened them up for 15 minutes to let some of the cooler air in.

The noise from the crickets was deafening!

Now that the new Expressway is open we seldom hear traffic at night any more, so this change from relative silence was quite a surprise.

Cicadas and crickets are not the only busy ones at this time.  I found this paper wasp nest on the fence – thankfully, it doesn’t have to be me trying to get rid of it!  I will leave that job to the expert (aka, my son).

I know the length of the days is changing as I am once again getting up before the sun rises. 

Summer does not seem to have lasted very long, although I remember from past years that February can often have extremely hot days.

Stay safe and be happy, whatever you do today 😊




  1. Summer has to last a bit longer, please! 36C today, yippee!

  2. A friend in Australia posted a video of the cicada noise. Quite deafening!

  3. Apparently we have cicadas in Canada but to my knowledge I have never seen nor heard one. We were in the U.S. one Autumn and walking along a treed street and the noise was so loud. We were told that those were cicadas. Interesting little insects.
    Too bad you can't have your bedroom window open at night due to safety concerns. I have a little half-bath off the bedroom and that window is over a low roof that anyone could climb. DH put in a screw so the window can only open about 6 or 7 inches. Literally no one could slip through that space!! Makes me feel safer. Every summer we hear of intruders coming through open windows.

  4. That wasps nest is a work of art - but not one you want too close to home!

  5. The cicadas here are deafening during the day but the crickets are very low key thank goodness. Hope your sunny days continue for a while yet

  6. Aren't wasp nests a beautiful piece of engineering? I know what you mean about the cicadas - they used to be really loud in Greece, and I noticed when out walking in jungle areas on Singapore they were making a particularly potent noise - like having tinitis. I love your new header photo.

  7. Oh we’re not even there yet and I love the end of summer because it means fall is coming! I am not a hot weather girl and this winter has been so disappointing - one decent snow and now it’s in the 50”s - unheard of for February. It’s predicted our summer will have an overload of cicadas - one word, yuck! Too big too scary for me.

  8. We live rural, too, and have noticed the difference in the noise in the evening.

  9. Oh no you have the cicadas....I read an article not long ago about the huge number of cicadas we will have in the US this coming summer. Oh Joy.

  10. Great to hear the cicadas singing! Very nice, here (Greece) we have winter and we are enjoying it too! Thanks!!

  11. I'd love to hear those cicadas and crickets right now! We are in the 3rd month of Canadian Ontario winter, all cicadas and crickets are fast asleep, but I wonder when they will arrive as we have had hardly any snow and temps are above normal, Very worrying.

  12. I've noticed the increase in insect noise lately, too. Thankfully, haven't spotted any wasp nests. I will be on the lookout for them now that I've been reminded. I really do not like wasps, nasty creatures.


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