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Saturday, 10 April 2021

Weekend House Sit


The weather today is dull and dreary, with occasional rain showers and not a spot of blue sky to be seen.

One of my brothers has a milestone birthday this weekend, so he and his wife and a couple of friends have gone to New Plymouth for the weekend to celebrate.

I am happy to be able to housesit for them and take care of Rusty and Merlin. 

Rusty is a bit of a coward when it comes to noise, and last night when it began to rain he shivered and shook so much that he made the whole bed wobble like a jelly.  In the end I put his day bed into the bathroom and shut him in there (he is used to that). 

He was fine this morning, and is now curled up on top of the sofa – trying to make up for all the sleep he missed out on last night!

Merlin, on the other hand, curled up in a living room chair and stayed sound asleep all night.  Today he has been outside glaring at the wet grass (funny how cats don’t like to get wet), before curling up on one of the porch chairs and watching the birds.

We have doves, sparrows and blackbirds all feeding out on the lawn, and Merlin just sits and watches them.  Birds seem to have an inbuilt instinct as to whether a cat is being a threat to them or not.

I was sorry to hear this morning that Prince Philip had passed on – he came so close to reaching his century.  Knowing what it is like to lose a beloved husband and long-time companion, I feel for the Queen at this time as I know it will not be an easy adjustment for her after being so long together.

Share a smile and a hug today, with someone you love 😊




  1. Nice to have a change of scene. It was good that the Queen and Prince Philip have had quality time together due to the pandemic.

  2. I'm glad we can get the BBC news at times like this, just get a bit more info. Pity he can't have a huge send off

  3. Mittens - you didn't tell me you have a cousin dressed in banker's pinstripes. Very handsome suit - who's his tailor? xxx Mr T

    1. He is a handsome fella isn't he? He says his tailor is Mr Grewlikethat :)
      Purrs, Mittens 😻

  4. I know what you mean about the weather last night. My cat came in and snuggled close all night, and spent most of today inside too. Spoilt brat. Enjoy your change of scenery with the house sit.
    I too feel for the Queen... same reasons as you.
    Stay safe

  5. Here it has to be a virtual hug or a hug at 2m distance which isn't the same. My son went back to his boat/ship/yacht last week. When I got to the airport to see him off his family had left. Only passengers allowed in the airport. He came out to chat (Stornoway is a very small airport). When he went I gave him a (forbidden) hug. The first hug in 14 months. It's been a long and sad time.

  6. Mr Grewlikethat....Bubbie uses the same tailor.

  7. Poor Rusty! Our son's cat is very nervous about the new sounds in their new apartment. It is on the top of a hillside, and when there are strong wind it makes sounds in the house. I think she will get used to it soon.

  8. Ohhh rain. I´d be with Merlin!
    Yes, Prince Philip´s death even was on German news. He was a cutie pie, if I may say so.
    Hugs to you (and Ingo)

  9. It must be kind of fun, to house sit!

    Other than the shaking dog, that is. -smile-

    Yes, it is sad, the death of Prince Philip. I did a post on this, yesterday.

    You understand, all too well, about losing a long time companion.


  10. Yes RIP Prince Philip, to me he looked like he was ready to go anyway and a good age.

  11. One of the 2 downstairs cats looks exactly like Merlin. ( the other one is sort of a calico). Poor Rusty. It must be hard for him if every storm frightens him.

  12. Merlin looks so comfy there!
    Yes, is sad about Prince Phillip.

  13. Por aquΓ­ tambiΓ©n ha llovido con tormentas. Un beso.

  14. Such a cute dog! Yes Prince Phillip almost made it to 100:)

  15. Hello from Idaho, in United States stop in from Island Musing. The little dog looks very sweet.
    Stay Safe and Coffee is on

  16. I feel for Rusty. I had a farm dog like that once, he smashed straight through a mesh screen door to get inside once in a storm. And he'd never been in the house in his life, poor thing didn't know what to do next, skidding all around the kitchen. Yes, sad for the queen to lose her beloved after so many years together. Philip's was a shining example of a life of service.

  17. Yes, so sad, the death of Prince Philip.
    His funeral this coming Saturday but of course in the times of Covid it has had to be scaled down.

    All the best Jan


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