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Friday, 23 April 2021

A Cracked Windscreen


I was on the road fairly early this morning so I could take grand-daughter down to Taupo to stay with friends for the weekend.  It took us about two hours to get there – it could have taken longer if my windscreen had shattered instead of simply cracking.

Something, perhaps a piece of metal, hit us soon after leaving Hamilton.  It left a deep indentation and a small crack that continued to grow throughout my journey.   Thank goodness I have insurance cover for windscreens, as I can see a new one being needed.

As we entered Taupo we decided to stop off at Huka Falls on the Waikato River.  

I am glad we did as there seemed to be more water than usual, and the colour of the water was a gorgeous deep aqua mingled with the white foam.

There were a lot of people there, almost as many as we had when tourism was in full swing. 

This weekend is a long one, with Monday being a holiday to celebrate ANZAC Day (our national day for remembering those who have fought for our country), so that may have contributed to the number of people out and about.

It took me a lot longer to come home again, as traffic was beginning to build up.  Thankfully, most of it was going in the opposite direction.

There were a few idiots making bad driving decisions, but on the whole the traffic was well behaved and flowed reasonably well.

I was still happy to get home safely again 😊



  1. I hate that something hit your windshield. Here that is a quick fix...

    Thst watetis a beautiful color.

  2. I love Huka Falls, and the river at that point. Further down it gets dirtier and dirtier... until it's quite disgusting. Glad you had a safe trip.

  3. There's a lot of power in that water. A mighty sight. Pity about your windshield but as you say, it could have been worse

  4. Oh no! We once had that, too. A road train (in Australia of course, we don´t have them here, luckily) parked beside us and BAM. Crack. We went to "Windscreen O' Broken", what a name!!! They sealed it.

    Beautiful falls! Can... are you allowed to swim in the outer part?

    Oh, it´s ANZAC day again?! Time runs! 199..? we were in Carnarvon, a small town, and most of the residents were in the parade to honor the ANZACs. Sweet, but sad we need soldiers...

    See. The idiots, that´s why I don´t wanna drive no more (did not in three years and now... don´t dare to...).
    Glad you got home safely! Same with Ingo... Every working day I am glad when he enters the condo... x

    1. Nowhere around this area is safe to swim in because the water is so turbulent. Several people have drowned here over the years after falling into the water.
      I know how you feel about hubby coming home safely. Mine was a truckie and did a lot of long-hauls, and I was always happy to see him home again.

  5. The water looks cold, but it could just be the colour, looks a lovely place to visit, have a good long weekend.

  6. I love the Huka falls, they never fail to impress me! Glad your journey was a safe one, despite the cracked windscreen and the increased traffic.
    Stay safe

  7. When I was still working and drove on the highways far more often, flying stones were always a bit of a hazard, and I replaced my windshield at least once a year. Sometimes you could actually see a pebble expelled from the tyre tread of another vehicle. I can't imagine the injury it would cause if it hit someone.

  8. Very impressive. The water’s colour is beautiful, but there is a lot of water!
    Glad you came back safe.
    It’s always frightening to be hit by something on the windsceen.
    Have a good weekend

  9. Sorry about the windshield!

    Oh my, that water is gorgeous! Lovely aqua color. Never saw inland water, that color.

    Happy ANZAK Day!!!

    And it is held on the Anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War. I remember this, because of an early film, with Mel Gibson. "Gallipoli" was the name, I think. A horrible battle! A needless slaughter... Awful...


  10. Love that header of the rolling countryside. The colour of the water is an incredible aqua indeed. Gorgeous. Such beautiful countryside in New Zealand!

  11. Oh so sorry about the windscreen!!
    Wow that water color is awesome.

  12. That water is a gorgeous colour. But it looks cold!
    I'm sending my greetings to you for Anzac day, I always have it marked on my calendar.

  13. Such beautiful water! Sorry about your windshield. Here we have a fellow that makes house that is easy!

  14. I'm glad you made it there and back safely even though having to get your windshield replaced will be a bother. Those Falls are impressive. I love any waterfall no matter how small and the one you photographed is amazing.

  15. I hope the windscreen replacement is a simple job. Friends have waited 3 months to get theirs - the problem with a fancy car and the shipping delays of 2021! The Huka Falls are beautiful, but they are a bit scary too - the power of that water! Nature flexing its muscles. We won't attend the ANZAC day service, but we will visit the grandparent's grave and put flowers and a poppy on it.

  16. El río se ve precioso. Besos.


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