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Sunday, 25 April 2021

ANZAC Day 2021


Anzac Day, 25 April, is our national day to remember those who have fought and died for our country and for Australia (ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps). 

The name originated in 1915 when our combined troops set out to capture the Gallipoli Peninsular in Turkey.  Their attempt was futile, and many men lost their lives.

I watched the National Commemoration services on TV

This was the Dawn Service at Wellington

The 11am Wreath Laying Ceremony, also in Wellington

Two of the many wreaths that were laid

After being placed on the stand, the wreaths were moved to the steps

A lone trumpeter playing the Last Post (Dawn Service)

It is sobering to think of how many good men and women have died in the name of freedom.

We shall remember them.



  1. 2015 I was in Perth. Even the Prime Minister who came for celebrations (The Giants) wore a poppy in honor.
    I still have that sachet of poppy-seeds honoring the ANZACs that year, right at my PC...
    I agree, we do not need war.

  2. It would make sense if lessons had been learnt and war was no more, sadly too many humans desire power and control and take whatever means they can to get it. Too many countries in our world where people live in fear as wars are fought around them.

  3. Muy bonito reportaje. Un beso.

  4. I did not attend a service, but I woke early and heard the last post being played at the local dawn parade!
    Yes, we will remember them
    Stay safe

  5. Hello,
    Wonderful post for your memorial day. We must always remember those who gives their lives for their country.

    Happy Sunday, have a great new week!

  6. We do have commemorative day on June the 6th
    In Normandy it’s always a special day.

  7. Happy ANZAC Day!!!!

    Wonderful and stirring Celebration of it!

    As I said before, I know of Gallipoli, from an early movie of Mel Gibson's, years ago. A tragic, tragic happening. -sigh-

    Yes!!!! All those, who have suffered and died, for our Freedom. In each Country, in the Free World.

    Gentle hugs,
    'Beside a babbling brook' blog

  8. A very moving ceremony to commemorate those lost.

  9. This was an informative post...I dont know why I had never looked it up.

  10. What a nice ceremony to remember soldiers:)

  11. We always bake Anzac biscuits to remember.
    Grandpa was at Gallipoli with the Australian army as an artist.
    When Brits got shellshock or PTSD they got shot for "cowardice"..the Australian army called it neurasthenia and shipped them back home. They knew that men would be needed when it was all over.
    Thanks to the Australian army, I exist.


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