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Thursday, 2 September 2021

Spring Is Springing

Yesterday, the first day of September, was officially the first calendar day of Spring.

During the last week there have even been signs broadcasting the arrival of the new season.  The dawn chorus of birds is beginning to ramp up and we even have a resident blackbird chortling away at sunset.  Distant trees that we can see from home are beginning to get a pale golden-green hazy sheen over them indicating that buds are about to burst into a profusion of green.

Spring, the season of hope and new beginnings.  A great time to look forward to warmer sunnier days, with new projects to think about 😊


Opoutere Beach

On the Home Front, most of the country (including us here at Hamilton) reduced to Level Three Lockdown yesterday.  Auckland, where most of the cases are found, is to remain at Level Four for a bit longer.

There is not much difference between the two levels socially, and it is still a criminal offence to not wear a mask when visiting public places like the supermarket, but it does mean that many businesses can begin operating again. 

A friend of my son owns a café and he is happy to open his doors once more.  He has moved his whole shop to the front, with the counter across the doorway, so that they can serve people out on the street.  Other businesses, such as hardware stores, can now operate on a click-and-collect basis.

I ventured out and went to the supermarket.  Everyone wore a mask, but social distancing was nowhere in sight – the shop was crowded and I began to feel quite claustrophobic behind my mask and foggy glasses.  Came home utterly exhausted.

But this morning I woke to the birds and the sun rising in a clear sky.  It looks like it is going to be a lovely day.

Be happy and keep smiling 😊



  1. I find it interesting that a new season brings enthusiasm for new projects. Even though mine will be small ones. So it's Happy Spring to you and a happy Autumn to me. ( I got out the tub of decorations today).
    We're back to compulsory mask wearing inside public places. Doesn't make much difference to me because I never quit wearing mine.

  2. Hope your numbers are going down...Happy Spring to you! :)

  3. Your supermarket experience does not sound very good but I suppose that it is because you are now at Level 3. I have just been to New World (the first time out for 10 days). It was worked on a one in, one out, basis with very few in the shop and was great. I hear we go to Level 3 tomorrow not that it will make any difference to us except, perhaps, more people in the supermarket when we next shop.

  4. Going out after lockdown is hard, social distance here had been a problem, the government has removed all restrictions asking people to behave with care, but loads have gone back to normal. With autumn arriving our trees have started losing their leaves, summer did not amount to much this year.

  5. My brother couldn't understand why in NZ's first lockdown supermarkets were allowed to stay open (and crowded) and corner shops were not. That didn't make a lot of sense. Here, it seems, the small traders and the market stall holders are a strong and powerful lobby group so throughout even our 7 month extended lockdown we were still able to shop outdoors and in small places and avoid the crowds in supermarkets.

  6. I am surprised that the supermarket does not restrict the the number of shoppers in the store, and have someone at the door regulating the traffic. Here there is an hour of early opening for seniors or people otherwise needing assistance, and I make it a point to be there when the doors open. I have a list, buy only what is on the list, and I am in and out in no time. If COVID ever leaves us alone they could carry on with this practice forever as far as I am concerned.

  7. Happy spring. Looks like our autumn might be round the corner. It's definitely cooler today.
    Freedom is coming too ☺️

  8. Happy Spring to you and we are having a beginning of Happy Fall! Fall is so my live, but then I do so love what I call the new spring green when trees first start to get green, and love watching for those first flowers. I guess all seasons have their pluses.


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