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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Making The Bed


I know several people who don’t, but I like to make my bed in the morning so that the bedroom looks neat and tidy for the rest of the day.

This morning I had to put the bed-making on hold.  I mean, how can you disturb one wet Mittens trying to dry off and warm up?

Our weather today is bleak, with rain and the occasional roll of thunder – the sort of day all self-respecting cats stay indoors as much as possible.  

Millie likes to sit near something open (a window or door) and peer frowningly out at the rain.

I was intending a supermarket visit today, but it is not urgent and can wait for another day.  I have things that need attending to on my computer, so it is a good day for that.

Be happy 😊



  1. I agree, I can't stand the sight of an unmade bed, even with a wet and cold cat sitting on it!

  2. Love that header and the cats.

  3. No, we must not disturb the cat! I don't know how many times I sit here that I want to get up but I do not because I have a cat in my lap, or on my legs if I have the laptop in my lap.

  4. Our promised rain has not arrived yet. It is hot for this time of year, 23 degrees. Always make the bed!

  5. Mittens - I hate rain too. When we lived in UK I had to dash outdoors to go to the toilet. That was OK when there were trees along the neighbours fence and I could go under the trees, but after he died we (my humans) cut them all down because they were overhanging our house. Then rain was just horrible. Cat fur is not designed to be wet is it? xxx Mr T

  6. I too make my bed first thing... a good practice I find, especially as my bed is visible to other areas of the house.
    I had to go out today for a medical appointment, and grocery shopping that I had put off yesterday for various reasons. It was definitely a day for the ducks!
    Stay safe

  7. I fold back the quilt for an hour and then make the bed, like you I like the knowledge our bedroom looks tidy. Our cats are enjoying the sunny days, they are in the garden more.

  8. Hello,
    I like to make my bed in the morning and keep the room tidy. Your kitties are cute.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. In our house we get up, have coffee and a bowl of cereal, then whoever goes up first to shower makes the bed. And we have no cat to interfere with the routine.

  10. If you make the bed and do your dishes you/I just feel so much better whatever the state of the rest of the house.
    No rain here for a while but maybe tomorrow. The garden needs it

  11. Sometimes I sit and look frowningly at the rain too.
    I like to make my bed first thing in the morning and often put the clothes out that I'm going to wear ( after breakfast and most importantly COFFEE). I'm very much a routine-oriented person I guess.

  12. -grin- Oh poor kitty! She really needed to be left alone, to try to dry off!!!!!

    I like to make the bed too. I keep the making of it simple. A puff pulled up in winter, and a simple cover, in summer.

    Good to do what works, with the day's weather. Makes more sense.

    Gentle hugs...

  13. I make the bed every single day. Can't remember the last time I didn't. I've been making it since I was a little girl!

  14. As a child, our beds had to be made before we left for schools, no matter how we protested that it would make us late and "I was making my bed", to the nuns, was not an acceptable excuse. I guess that's how lifelong habits are formed (pun intended). It's a dreary, rainy day here, too and my wet cat really annoyed me after he jumped into the shower after I got out (and had turned off the water) and put his muddy paw prints all over the clean base. I probably would have been twice as annoyed if he'd jumped up on the bed in that state. Got to look on the bright side!

  15. Oh, I've got to make the bed every morning. Got to. It would drive me crazy to leave the bed unmade all day.

  16. WE need rain. Yes we make the bed everyday:)

  17. I too like to make the bed. But as I get up before hubby he’s still in it. So I can’t
    Once I leave the room I don’t tend to go back so sometimes it’s afternoon before I go back in for whatever and make it
    Sometimes I just totally forget!
    Your kitties are cute

  18. La cama se hace todos los dΓ­as, me gustan los gatos pero no en la cama. Besos.

  19. Thank you for the reminder, have to make the bed - sadly no cats here.
    Oh, love rain. 14C, sunny...

  20. awwww what a cute day, love those rainy days.


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