Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Homesick For The Beach

I feel I am beginning to be homesick for the beach.  It was the end of last year when I last visited a beach and I am really beginning to feel it. 

I blame my great great grandfather for this – he was a sea captain and I think he left some of his love for the high seas in my blood J

So, what is it I love about the beach?

There are two sounds I always associate with the ocean.  One is the crashing of waves, and the other is the loud haunting call of the Southern Black-Backed Gull (Larus dominicanus).

Walking in bare feet along the beach on a warm summer day is a sensual experience to enjoy.

So is standing on the edge of the ocean feeling the cool splash of waves playing over your feet – as long as you avoid the bigger waves, which can result in wet clothes if you’re not careful!

Beach-combing as you wander along the sand is great fun, finding pebbles, shells, seaweed, sea-glass and other bits and pieces.

Sometimes I like to just sit on the beach and watch other people enjoying themselves.

Standing on the edge of the sea and taking a deep breath of fresh salty air clears the lungs and wakens the senses.

Not all of our beaches are sandy.  Many are pebbled and some are rocky, but they all bring me happiness.

I’m already making plans for a beach visit when we are allowed to travel again.

Keep smiling J


  1. We enjoyed the beach on our last "proper walk" when we visited Whananaki.

  2. I used to not like the beach especially when I was little because I feel so scared by its vastness and depth. But growing up and travelling often makes me appreciate it so much and find it super romantic! These photos of the beach you shared ease a bit of my homesick for the sea as well and hopefully we can also feel the sand on our feet soon.

  3. I am SO with you, I miss the beach so much!
    A-ha! Two of my uncles were boat-engineers, one even made it over Bermuda Triangle in a self built ship with his wife and baby-daughter - way back then.

    Yes, they give it to us, they do, the love of the ocean!
    Sadly it´s 300+km afar and cold, somethimes not clean.

    So, thank you for these beautiful pics! Ixx

  4. Oh that was magical. It conjured up all my favourite things about nz beaches too. Beaches here are a little different. Hope you make it to the seashore, the sand dunes, hear those gulls, very soon

  5. Hello, beautiful views of the beach and water. It does feel good to have your toes in the sand.
    I am looking forward to a beach walk. I do not mind waiting until I feel safe. Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  6. I think that even if one lived to be two hundred the fascination with gathering shells would never fade away! Maybe soon you will be able to venture to the beach again. As for blaming your ancestor for a love of the sea, you should be praising him instead!

  7. We usually spend part of the winter 'at the beach'. A beach four days drive away in Far North Queensland where we can warm our cold bones:). Unfortunately we won't be there this year.
    We have to drive well over an hour to our nearest beach here at home so we usually go to the hills instead. The road up is only a five minute drive away:). Unfortunately we can't go there either until things are relaxed a bit.

  8. I grew up in UK with the ocean outside my bedroom window and I spent many many hours on the beach with my friends, climbing on the rocks, fishing in the pools, swimming in the sea. And now I live in Ontario, Canada, surrounded by fields and farmland and about 1000 miles from the nearest salt water! And I miss it so much. I try to visit the ocean at least once every year but it looks like there will be no beach strolls in 2020! Sad.

  9. When I saw the picture of the gull I immediately thought "Kelp Gull" and the scientific name confirmed that. It prompted me to do a little research and I find that as you state, it is alternatively known as Southern Black-backed Gull (not Black-Backed by the way) and I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing this out! I learn something new every day - and thank goodness for that.

  10. Me too I love the sounds of the Pacific. It has been 15 months since we were on vacation....:)

  11. This summer was such a disappointment to all who love to travel whether to the beach or wherever.
    Great photos of the ocean and the beaches. The summer clouds in that blue sky. Hopefully next year...

  12. Whenever you get to go, take plenty of pics till we/I can enjoy your visit, too. It does sound like fun.

  13. I miss the beach so much too. Your beaches are so beautiful!

  14. You made me miss the beach too with your words and photographs. I hope that you can visit one soon. For us, it is very far away so we'll have to settle for the mountains.

  15. I miss the beach too. When this lockdown is over, the place I would head for is the beach!

  16. Oh, yes, I do miss the beach, too! I like your photos and they make me feel a bit like I'm there :)

    It's delightful to see you over at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  17. We are the water
    The water is us
    The ocean and seas, river and streams
    Call to us to cleanse away all to heal the body and take a moment to breathe...


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